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AL Autos Official: News Update (2/9/2020): We're On Our Way Back!


AL Autos News Update (11/20//2019)


AL Autos Has Made an Apperance at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show!

Hello everyone! In case you missed it, AL Autos recently revealed the newly redesigned 2020 AL Autos Quaestus! Included in this event was a summary of what the Quaestus has to offer as well as a short video showcasing the design of the new Quaestus. If you are interested in seeing what occurred at the time, check it out here!

An Update as to Our Prolonged Absence

As you all may have noticed, AL Autos has been quiet as of late. We want to assure the community that we aren’t going completely idle. We are simply trying to gather inspiration for our future vehicles and coming up with ways to improve our cars. That being said, publicized activity that will be posted here will be a bit limited. When something does come up though, we will make sure that it is worthwhile. Thank you for your patience everyone!

(In reality I am swamped with work and life so that’s also part of the reason why my presence here has been a bit scarce. I still will be fiddling around on Automation but only when I have actual time and energy)

As always thank you for following AL Autos news and developments. Until the next news developments arise!


AL Autos Update (12/15/2019)


Our design studio has been up to something lately…

Hello everyone! Management happened to take a peak at what’s going on in the design studio lately and we saw something in the dark that looks like it has been finished recently. We asked the design team and they said that they were just about to present it to us. Days later, this arrived in our mailbox and we felt the need to share it with you all.


AL Autos Update (2/9/2020)


Hello everyone! It’s definitely been a while since we’ve last posted here hasn’t it. We know I’ve missed a couple of things along the way (including revealing the cars that we previously teased, but, since it is now well into the new year and everything has gotten settled on my end, we’re going to try and start posting here again. Just because we haven’t been posting here doesn’t mean AL Autos has been idling in their designs. We’ve definitely been busy improving and sprucing up our lineup. To kick things off, we will be premiering one of our recently completed projects: The newly redesigned mid engined sports car, the Erucae soon! We will be debuting the Erucae at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show using the original teaser. Once we get around to it, you may so more of the Erucae revealed as the show draws closer!

That’s all we have to say for now. Until the next news update, farewell!

Geneva International Motor Show (90th International Motor Show)