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Albertuni Fábrica de Automóveis


Brazilian Car Brand, Albertuni
Founded by italian immigrants in the south of Brazil.

’65 Albertuni Santa Clara
1965, V12 4.0L naturally aspirated engine with 381HP 7500RPM.
0-100km/h in 6.07 seconds.
Rear wheel drive
5 gear manual transmission
Weights 1649kg
2 seats
Price: around 70k dollars

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i don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but the body design is about as bad as the engineering, IMO.


Thanks for the critics, i’ll use it to make a better one.


just bare this in mind:

don’t overdo the fixtures, and use common sense when building an engine (i.e. match top and bottom end materials, use appropriate fuel systems/mixtures/timings ect)


’51 Albertuni Corotta
6.0L 209HP V8, 4600RPM.
2 seats
4 gear manual transmission
0-100km/h in 11.5 seconds.
tops at 247km/h


’85 Albertuni Touro
Offroad beast with a 8.2L V8, 561HP and 5500RPM, tops at 241km/h.
Weights 2451kg
2 gear adv. automatic transmission.
4 seats.