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Aldeane Automobile Company



Aldeane Automobile Company


Aldeane Automobile Company was founded in 1925 at Detroit, Michigan by Christopher Rutherwynn Aldean. The brand was designed to compete with the top luxury of its time. After several years of engineering, they came out with the Aldeane Model One in 1927.

Since then, Aldeane Automobile Company have been producing quality American luxury cars. However, it stopped making cars in 1939 to build military vehicles for the US army during WW2. They started making cars again in 1946. Since then, it has been one of the US premiere luxury car maker, even in the 80s where other American luxury companies tried to compete with the imports, Aldeane Automobile Company stayed in its roots. Christopher R. Aldeane sadly passed away in 1967. The company was now led by his son, John T. Aldeane. Starting from the late 60s, Aldeane has started experimenting with the performance segment with its Python muscle car. Today, the most refined Aldeane performance car can be found with the latest Phython.

Current Models

Python - Muscle/Personal Luxury Coupe/GT (est. 1969)
Winstrow - Executive Compact Sedan (est. 2004)
Remington - Executive Sedan/Coupe (est. 2007)
Arnette - Full-size Luxury Sedan (est. 1946)
Colladia - Midsize SUV (est. 2012)
Arcallade - Fullsize SUV (est. 1993)

Discontinued Models

Model One - Luxury Sedan (1927-1932)
Model Duo - Luxury Sedan (1933-1939)
Oaker - Compact Luxury Sedan (1946-1973)
Colombus - Personal Luxury Coupe (1955-1989)


I’ve never heard of this brand before. Is this for the rebooted Generations challenge? If so, I expect you to put as much work into this one as you did for Tanaka previously.