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All my cars are gone and its lagg so mutch


hello i bullid cars to beamNG and when the update come i xported and all where fine but one day i want to. to build a new car on Epic game lancher but it didet go well så i just started BeamNg and my cars whas gone so i started Automation and its so laggi and my cars are gone!! and when i verify my game it sead 1 file cant fix HELP i love this game!


Indeed that looks like something broke. The verification of your game files may have solved the cause of it, but unless your cars are not coming back to normal after a restart of the game, you may be out of luck here :frowning:
Did you build the cars in the Lite Campaign mode or directly in Sandbox?
Have you tried to change your graphics settings to make the game perform better? Maybe your settings file got nuked.


Yes i Change my settings and Its same and i död play in sandbox


So when you head over to \Documents\My Games\Automation
and move your Sandbox_openbeta.db to another location, like your desktop.
Can you try if the game runs normally after that? It might just be that your database is broken but doesn’t automatically get nuked.


Thx i Will try when i come Home


now it crash when i start it


Then please send your log file to support@camshaftsoftware.com and we’ll have a look. Mention this thread for reference please!