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All my cars are gone


When I loaded up automation earlier i saw all my cars and engines had gone. i am not sure why, i have tried restarting my pc and the game.


I also had this issue a couple of days ago


did you get it solved?


No I’m rebuilding my lineup/lore up again. Wasn’t so bad for me but a bit of a kick in the teeth.


ah, i had my csr68 car left to export…
Oh well i guess ill restart


This scares the bejesus out of me. Makes me wonder if there’s a way to mass export.


I would export the most complexly designed stuff so if it happens you can import them back.


I don’t know what to do about your CSR68 car, but any car you sent can be retrieved by going through your messages.


I hadn’t sent it yet, sadly


Which version were you running before and after the cars disappeared? We did nuke the car database with the big car designer revamp update - the car you built in the open beta of the car designer revamp should still be there, while cars from the previous public branch version should all be gone.


I was running UE4 open beta, and there was no update when they dissapeared


They check if your anti-virus quarantined the database file for some reason.


I get the same error now.

Edit: game reloaded, and solved.