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[ALR] Automation Live Racing Bonus: Utah River Run (Race Sunday 3PM)


(I accidentally overwrote the Event #1 details, oops)

Automation Live Racing #2: Malaise Muscle slow car lol

Welcome to the the place for live multiplayer racing in BeamNG! This will be a competition to determine the best combination of car and driver.

To play, you will need BeamNG, The BeamMP Multiplayer Mod as well as Automation.
It is also recommended to download the vehicle mods ahead of time, which will be posted before the race.


The Race

Track: Hirochi Raceway, short circuit (turn right at the first fork), 6 laps. The race should take approximately 10 minutes.
Heats: Heats will be a maximum of 6 cars. If there is more than one heat, winners from the initial heats will participate in a final heat.
Clean race: No deliberate ramming. You may reset your car whenever it is necessary. No corner cutting or wall riding.
Qualifying: Qualifying position will be based on an appearance poll.
Schedule: Race is tentatively scheduled for 1PM US-CST on Monday, December 14th.


Teams: One driver per team, and one or more car designers. You may be a one-person team. No driver or designer may participate in multiple teams. When submitting your car, include your Driver’s discord name (as this is what BeamMP uses) and control type (EG Steering Wheel, Gamepad, Keyboard).
Naming: Name your Model and Engine Family “ALR2-Username” and submit it to me on the forums (not discord). If you’re on open beta, add the tag “ALR2” as well. :slight_smile:
Schedule: Submissions are due by midnight on Saturday, December 12th. US-CST time. Once again, the race takes 1pm the following Monday (tentatively).
Pre-Download: Sometime on Sunday I will make a download of all the BeamNG mod cars available. It is strongly recommended that you download them ahead of time instead of when trying to join the server. Mods go in your BeamMP\Resources folder. This will save a ton of time when joining the server, which could otherwise take up to 30 minutes!



It is 1975, and the Muscle Car is in danger. After the 1973 oil crisis, performance has been a “dirty word”- but no longer! Now that fuel prices are finally coming down, it’s time for your company to start making high-performance machines again. However, there are new challenges too- recent laws demand catalytic converters to reduce emissions, and also place strict requirements on fuel economy. What’s more, you’re on a tight budget and schedule. Can you still make a respectable muscle car, which has high performance and is up the the task of everyday American use, under these conditions?

Once you’ve designed your muscle car, you’ll have to prove its worth to the public. Choose your best driver to demonstrate your car in the All Muscle Manufacturer’s Cup at Hirochi Raceway. The winner will be the undisputed muscle king, bringing fame and fortune to your brand.


Car Requirements

Year: Model 1975 or earlier, Trim 1975
Max ET: 60
Max PU: 75
Max Total Cost: $18000
Max Service Cost: $1000
All Quality Sliders: Minimum -4, Maximum +6
Engine mount: Front Longitudinal
Minimum Wheelbase: 2.6m (102")

Fuel Efficiency: Minimum 16 MPG US (approximately 14.7L/100km)
Comfort: Minimum 23
Offroad: Minimum 21
Seats: Minimum 2 full seats in the front row.
Practicality OR Utility: Minimum 38 Practicality OR 20 Utility
Safety: Minimum 30
Reliability: Minimum 50

Features Not Allowed: WIng Fixtures, Semi-Slick Tires, Production Flags (any item which “Reduces Production Efficiency” EG Space Frame)
Features Required: Front Longitudinal engine mount, Entertainment better than “None”

Engine Requirements

Year: Family 1975 or earlier, Trim 1975
Max ET: 90 if V8, 80 if V6, 70 if I6 or Other
Max PU: 35 if V8, 29 if V6, 26 if I6 or Other
All Quality Sliders: Minimum -4, Maximum +6
Displacement: Unlimited
Fuel: Unleaded
Catalytic Converter Required
Noise: Maximum 50
Stress: NO Knock, Max 10% Component Stress, Max 10% Valve Float
Features Not Allowed: Turbo, Forged Components, Race parts


Ladder frames and solid axles help with both ET and Offroad. They are staple features of many muscle cars, but they are not required. On other hand, nothing I can do in this ruleset will make cross ply tires viable without requiring them outright.

Meeting the Comfort requirement will probably require very soft suspension, and power steering or even an auto trans. Meeting the Practicality requirement will probably need a 4-door with 4 seats, or a 2-door with 5 seats. Meeting the Utility requirement will probably require a utility body, but if you are having trouble meeting it, make sure there are strong rear brakes and extra cooling airflow.

If you need extra Trim ET, the easiest way is to add some negative quality on the chassis. Negative Aero can also save a little ET; this has no effect in Beam but does effect your Automation fuel economy.

Sport compound tires have horrible offroad, but a manual or automatic locker goes a long way towards helping any car with a poor offroad score. On the other hand, Medium tires add comfort.

Because I apparently like chaos, RWD is not technically a strict requirement. However, keep in mind the strict trim ET.

The engine tuning is hard, but yes, it’s possible! Choke the exhaust, use low cams, make your engine oversquare, and even lower the ignition timing to meet that fuel consumption requirement. The PU and ET requirements favor V8 engines, but other engines can be viable if you want options with a high total cost elsewhere.


If I am not mistaken, “No production flags” means “no limited production or no mass production” parts. Also, I am expecting AWD/4x4 to be prohibited entirely. And will a catalytic converter be mandatory as well?


Ah yes- I should limit it to 2WD cars. No cats are required.


Another rule edit: Fuel economy requirement decreased, from 24mpg to 21mpg. 24 was a bit strict for. RTR cars. Some of you still may need to tweak your cars to meet it though. If you’re not quite there… widen those gears. :wink:



Not to include Splitters and Spoilers?


Splitters and Spoilers have no aerodynamic effect when exported to BeamNG, so go ahead.


Should there also be a minimum tire profile for all entrants? I’m suggesting 60 or more, with a maximum wheel diameter of 14 inches, and no magnesium rims (steel and regular alloy wheels should be OK).


Note, Consider, Fix are all no-go’s?


Ah, those are warnings. Production flags are items which say “This item reduces production efficiency” such as space frame construction, aluminum or fiberglass body panels, luxury or hand made interior, and race tubular exhaust.

Regarding minimum tire profile, that’s actually pretty reasonable for an economy car but I’d like to avoid changing the rules further unless something is really glaring. So, if you can get in under budget and within comfort requirements on 16 inch 30 profile mag wheels, I’ll give you that one. Next time I make an economy-oriented spec I will probably include a requirement for service costs, which I believe accounts for tires.


That also accounts for camber which is good


i have a RTR car already, but i dont find it suitable for this challenge, does that mean i can build a new one from scratch? (within the rules of course)


So this will just be down to the race as long as the car meets requirements? Sounds fun!


I don’t think thats possible unfortunately. The width of the body around the wheels is what sets the limit and not fixtures


Bummer. Here you can see the problem though:


If you want it to look good on pics, take a body with the same wheelbase, but wider than your car, put the same wheels, and set one inside the other on the photo scene, then hide the wheels of the narrow car and everything but the wheels on the wider. Or just use 2 of the same car and set one sligtly offset to the side you’re going to take the pic. Here’s an extreme example, the car with the wheels and suspension is much wider than the one with the body (and longer too, but that doesn’t matter as I just wanted a rear shot.)


Ah! Smart technique! might try that out then!

Thanks mate


is this challenge still active?


yes, submissions close on december 2 and the event will happen on december 4


Yes, theres still plenty of time to prepare before the deadline. So far I have two completed entries plus a couple people who I know are working on cars.


Federal Avtotransport - Комета GT-S 1.5f

Power-train Layout: R/R
Power: 88.3hp
Torque: 89ftlbs
Overall Weight: 1832lbs

More Photos