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[ALR] Automation Live Racing Bonus: Utah River Run (Race Sunday 3PM)


I was going to make a muscle car but i ended up with something more like a GT


Muscle car, GT, they’re pretty similar in principle. Why else is there a Mustang GT? :rofl:

Deadline is in 12 hours, and by the way, the latest patch should have fixed the mod headlights, so go nuts if there’s some you want to use.


I’m making mine now and MAN, it feels weird building a car without ever looking at the driveability and sportiness. Also, the engine tuning was a great challenge, I was able to make it work with the old rules, and only give it a little re-tune for using the additional resources of the new ones. Also I’ll not be driving, so this is purelly a self challenge for me, and a new video for my channel!


Hi there,

I just found this forum, this is literally my first post, and I haven’t been playing Automation terribly long, but this interests me. I still have a couple of hours and, while the car might be a bit rushed, I’d still like to try my hand at it. Will definitely get the MP mod tomorrow and the cars so that I’m not slowing everyone down, but will submit the car and such by tonight. Will PM you later with a car! A good car? Eh, TBD.


If you’re not finding any confidence in the car you build, I count 2 people (including myself) who have built cars but have no drivers for them.


I got all the nitty gritty down and I’m working on fixtures. If my car is undrivable I’ll throw in the towel and try your car but if I get it in and feel good then I may keep it. Thank you for the offer (and for trusting me as a driver. Bold choice haha)


Hey Gass, I’ll be your driver. I can’t get my own submission in because I’m a big ol’ newbie. Can you drop the discord link so I can actually join.


Right now, I have cars from:

@T_Martin (@GassTiresandOil made the car I believe)

Should make for a nice, single-heat race. Poll and beam mod pre-download coming soon.


@bilobilo is entering the Marhshall Python S
The version submitted cost $18,700 and got 14.9 MPG/15.8L per 100km, which means it’s slightly out of homologation. While bilobilo can submit a re-tune, the marketing team has made some quick adjustments to bring it on budget. The Marketing Team Edition has a 3.3L DAOHC V8 making 139 horsepower, and a cheaper interior with MUCH softer suspension to reach the comfort requirement. MSRP $17,300.
Control type: Steering wheel

@pcmoreno is entering the Canivete 136
This madlad went for the rules loophole and has built a FWD 3L DAOHC V6 making 135 horsepower. It also includes rear seats which are, legally, not seats but cargo space, and the 5-door design meets the practicality requirement. Next time I’m making a rule that if you have four doors on a production car you have to have real rear seats. :wink: MSRP: $17,100
Control type: Undeclared

@Petakabras enters the Cabrera Tifon
This car is powered by an impressive 5.4L OHV V8 making 184 horsepower! A manual transmission and high quality single carburetor help this monster meet fuel efficiency requirements while staying on budget. The only thing about this design that doesn’t impress is the braking graph. MSRP $17,600.
Control type: Undeclared

@TheColoredCow is entering the Fer-de-lance V12
This car is powered by a luxurious 6.5L OHV V12, with a single high-quality carburetor- I guess that last minute max engineering time increase made a big difference. It makes a whopping 202 horsepower, while still staying on budget somehow. This car reads 14.9MPG in imperial but 15.7L/100km in metric, so I’ll give it a pass. It makes the offroad requirement with a manual locker- lock in the wheelhubs when you drive on the dirt road to your cousin’s farm! MSRP $18,000.
Control type: Gamepad (XB360)

@GassTiresandOil and driver @T_Martin are entering the Armor GTS
Powered by a 4.4L OHV V8, this car makes 148 horsepower. It also has a single 4-barrel carb and a manual locker. No surprising design choices otherwise, but it sure does look like a pony car. MSRP $17,500
Control type: Undeclared

I’m looking forward to the race tomorrow! We have an interesting field of cars, and while there’s some big horsepower disparity, it’s not nearly as extreme as the last event and the track is curvier too.

[The Dropbox is here!](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6p1gb1qfruhy3hk/AABd31PIRf167GjIJkWUYXeEa?dl=0 Remember to place downloaded cars in your BeamMP’s “Resources” folder. If bilobilo replaces his marketing edition car with a better tune tonight, you will have to re-download that later too.

Also, I’m putting the “Automation Challenge” server up now. I won’t be there to attend it or put it back up if it crashes, but you should be able to see that your mod downloads worked properly and test it out.

I’m also going to need to set up a place for live discord chat- stay tuned!

Visual poll here! This determines qualifying position!


haha, yes, I really wanted to try this competition but when I saw that it was 70’s powerful cars, my goal was to make anything that would work FWD. That way I don’t crash on the first curve.

My control type is crappy gamepad(Esperanza)

Those are optional extras :wink:


I want to download the dropbox but everytime I do it says the folder doesn’t exist. Help?


yeah, it’s not working yet, but if you join the server now, it’s about 20 mins download time


Server is down for a moment, I just got Bilo’s updated car. It should be up again soon. 115 minutes uptime with a couple people driving and no crash yet! Has anyone been able to use the dropbox link? I think dropbox might have changed their policies and so I cannot share files to the public that way.


how long will it take before my updated car will be in the server?


The server is up again. It looks like I just messed up the dropbox link somehow earlier. This link for the dropbox should work for everyone. I’ve also updated the link in the post above. It now includes Bilo’s updated car, as does the server.

Incidentally, the new Marshall Python S makes 145 horsepower, the needed gas mileage was gained through gearing changes. It has an MSRP of $17,900.


wait a second… arent we supposed to race on hirochi? the server is still set to automation test track.


are you allowed to vote for your own car? i didnt see that mentioned anywhere.


Go ahead lol

Also, the actual race tomorrow will be on Hirochi, but practice is on ATT for now.


Best of luck to everyone! Sadly I can’t make this one, I’ll make sure to be back for R3


i think ill use my wheel instead… my car is very drifty.