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[ALR] Automation Live Racing Bonus: Utah River Run (Race Sunday 3PM)


just wondering if you’re dead set on that? wink wink


uhhh… 500cc and you have a deal :stuck_out_tongue:


The Winthorpe Cool 232.5 is ready


not really a racing car tbh but i feel it fits the map anyway

Also i’m not 100% sure i will be able to make the time due to the time difference so if anyone wants a ready made car to drive have at it


From the streets of San Francisco: the Hamster


icecream truck noises intensifies




I’m not really planning on entering, this is more of just a design/engineering workout for me, but here is what I’ve come up with. The 1985 CESMA Colombe rally car. It’s 2.0 liter DOHC four makes 200hp and 155 pound feet of torque, AWD with a slighty rear bias, aluminum body, a little over a ton, for $24,800.


If you want you can still submit it; I’ll just put it on the server and it will be up for grabs. It’s possible someone will show up without a car.


which route are we even taking? there are so many different routed by the riverbed. we gotta have some way to practice :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m running on the dirt road that start from the highway (heck, I didn’t even get which direction we going) but at the end where the river dries up it’s not even clear what the boundaries become

also, it’s utter madness (preview), the littlest bump wrong will completely compromise your race. it’s gonna be fantastic XD


Most guys at discord seem to be practicing with the River Rally Time trial and getting 20 or 30 seconds faster than my best time.


didnt know there was a time trial for it! thanks for the info!


Just saw your vid. LOL, you used traffic. yeah, it’s basically the same route you did.


yeah I’m trying to learn the car more than the route, some obstacle helps there


Yeah I think we need a clear start point, turning point, and track limits


2:08 might be the best time im gonna get. i have a feeling thats not very good


How are you all tuning your suspension? I suck at the technicalities of this game. Threw down the springs and bumped up the dampers and sway bars but the suspension still seems rigid and the car can’t take many of the bumps.


a good tip is to use the springs off the normal preset, and then the dampers off race. a lot of swaybars and maybe more dampers too depending on how hard or soft it feels


I have my springs set up around the middle of the bottom graph, and dampers around race. Ride height is a little higher than I would for sports cars. Quite big tire diameter helps too