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[ALR] Automation Live Racing Bonus: Utah River Run (Race Sunday 3PM)


I’m going to post my car in the board now. I downloaded the BeamMP thing, but I don’t know if I’ll get it to work in time for the race. At least someone can use the car if they need one.

She aint pretty, but she’ll swallow the rough terrain. It’s the Desert Eagle


I repurposed an old build of mine, the Tenryu Mora.


Presenting the Boogaloo RF2000 packing 230hp thanks to it’s 2.0L V8 (because why not).


One hour to closing! I received a bunch of entries, but just posting this as a reminder because I will not be taking any late entries. With the race tomorrow I want to make sure everyone has time to download the cars beforehand.


Okay, a bunch of people are in! I’m glad you all had fun with the loose restrictions (looking at you, 87% piston stress with a giant sprint car wing over the entire roof). Bilo’s car got a little scuffed (I don’t seem to have the mod for your front blinkers, sorry!) and the police car’s lights don’t seem to be lights any more, but everyone else should be okay. There’s even a couple extra cars.

It should be an exciting event since a bunch of BeamNG exporter improvements have been made, including one that hopefully fixes front or rear biased AWD cars generating too much power (which is pretty convenient for me since I forgot about that when lazily making the spec for this event in the middle of the night). It’s also going to be exciting since most of these cars weigh about a ton and are making over 200 horsepower.

I have cars from:
Cool @pcmoreno (took me a minute to figure out whose car this was!)
@Gasstiresandoil (No official driver yet)

Now, about the race itself. Here is what I have planned: First off, it’s gonna be a big mess of 10-12 cars. Expect some chaos. Now, we’re starting here:

You’ll line up at the eastern most part of the river road. The place where the road exits the river area marks the start AND finish, you’ll return here to finish the race. You’ll start anywhere to the east of it. If that start line choke point is too crowded you can jump the nearby cliff, I don’t mind, just try to land upright. You DO have to pass through exactly there to finish, however.

Once you’re in, the river valley has some natural bounds. Simply, if you’re ever above the ridge of rocks nearest to the river, you’re out of bounds. You can travel on either side of the river. Usually the road will be the fastest, but you might avoid traffic or find shortcuts in some places by driving on the opposite the of the river.

We’re not going quite to the westernmost extent of the river, like the time trial course. Instead, your goal is get west of the rock highlighted in yellow. You’ll know you’re coming up on it when you see the bridge overhead, and if you reach the deep river crossing you’ve gone too far. You can circle it on the road in either direction or drive past it and do a 180 turn, as long as you make it past the rock. After that, it’s a sprint the other direction back to the start line- watch out for oncoming traffic!

I’ve placed the car files in the Dropbox folder. These could take up to an hour to download if you join the server without already having them, so get these before the race! When they are downloaded, find wherever you installed your BeamMP launcher and add them to the resources folder.

Once again voice chat will be on Nev’s BeamNG Championship discord server. Because the in-game text chat syncs poorly, I will be using the voice chat there to announce the start of the race.

In a few minutes the server should be up, but I’ll be asleep so I’m not restarting it if it crashes. Just search for Automation Challenge in the BeamMP server list. I will be restarting the server at least once before the event begins.


Ahh nothing like repurposing old cars


how are you all making seats and stuff


mods :]


That thing actually looks too new for 1985 - although it wouldn’t be out of place in 1995, with its curvaceous lines and giant hood scoop.


we should probably have some kind of convention weather to dodge left or right


This is just in case you haven’t seen my message @SenseiB12. My car had an automatic locker and I had no idea doesn’t export right. Sent you an updated file this morning. If I have to borrow a car that’s fine, but would like to use the vehicle I built (though maybe I’m biased haha).