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American Auto Union Corporation | 2020 Blaire LaFette Mk. XIII (remade)


Welcome to the American Auto Union Company. After some consideration I’ve decided to do something similar to GM and The Sisten Motoring Company by CorsicaUnknown. With the American Auto Union Company which consists of Gremlin Luxury, Blaire Automotive, a new muscle/sport division called Peregrine Motors & AAM Motors


Blaire Automotive Company

Known as the Chevrolet in the American Auto Union. Blaire Automotive is the entry-level company with hints of premium sprinkled around. Started in 1956 by Craig Campbell and was bought out in 1974 although the American Auto Union allowed Campbell to continue running the brand as a family buisness. Blaire Automotive stands as the American Auto Union’s best selling brand.


MX - Base
MXX - Standard
MXH - Hybrid
MXS - Sport
MXU - Utility
MXA - Adventure
MXL - Luxury
MXE - Executive
MXST - Super Sport



LaFette - Fullsize
Cahvack - Midsize
Leo - Compact
Alabtross SE - Compact
Tsunami - Midsize
Lynn - Fullsize Executive


Rocky - Fullsize
Outlast - Midsize
Everglade - Crossover
Borough - Compact Crossover
Conswell - Fullsize Luxury


Albatross - Midsize
Nio - EV Midsize
Leo H - Compact


Rodman - Sport Midsize
Sunfist - Fullsize Luxury
Zoom - EV
LaCoupe - Fullsize
Ace - Muscle


Coastal Cruiser - Fullsize
Wallaby - Midsize
Cahvack Estate - Midsize


J110 - Compact
J120 - Midsize
J130 - Fullsize
J135 - Passenger
Hampshire - Premium Fullsize
Soccar - Midsize


Woodie 1100 - Regular Cab
Woodie 1200 - Extended Cab
Woodie 1300 - Crew Cab
Woodie 1400 - Dually Cab
Wyoming - Midsize
Yute - Ute
Wasatch - Luxury Fullsize

Gremlin Luxury Motors Company

Gremlin Luxury is the Luxury division of the American Auto Union. Started in 1919 Gremlin Luxury has lasted over 100 years creating some of the most luxurious vehicles made in America. Gremlin Luxury was bought out in 1950 and continues to be the eighth most luxurious American brand.


Luxury Engine Displacement Drivetrain - Luxury
Premium Engine Displacement Drivetrain - Premium/Base
Executive Engine Displacement Drivetrain - Executive
Sport Engine Displacement Drivetrain - Sport
Ultimate Engine Displacement Drivetrain - Super Sport



Gremlin Caldera - Executive Fullsize Sedan
Gremlin Arkansas - Luxury Fullsize
Gremlin Elizabeth - Luxury Midsize Sedan


Gremlin Washington D.C - Executive SUV
Gremlin Washington - Luxury Fullsize SUV
Gremlin Idaho - Luxury Midsize SUV
Gremlin Hawaii - Luxury Offroad SUV
Gremlin Alabama - Luxury Crossover
Gremlin Alabama EV - Luxury EV Crossover


Gremlin Louisiana - Luxury Convertible
Gremlin Louisiana C - Luxury Coupe
Gremlin Overdrive - Luxury Sports Coupe
Gremlin California - Supercar


Gremlin West Virginia - Luxury Fullsize Pickup

Peregrine Motors Company

Peregrine Motors is the performance company of the American Auto Union. Started in 1946 Peregrine has sold both entry-level and performance and muscle cars. Peregrine was bought out in 1963 and continues to be the Auto Union’s third best selling brand.


S - Base
SE - Standard
SL - Base Sport
SLE - Standard Sport
Hybrid - Hybrid
Plug-in - Plug-in Hybrid/EV
XT - Rugged
SR - Muscle
SRL - Super Sport
Grand Touring - GT



Helena - Fullsize
Cavalli - Sport Fullsize
Kasatochi - Midsize
Luna - Compact
Vertice - Muscle Sedan


Ranier - Fullsize
Newberry - Midsize
Teton - Sport Midsize
Whitney - Crossover


Moonchild - Midsize (Van from 1961-1978)


Meadowlark - Sport Compact
Falcon - Muscle
Solis - Sport Midsize


Cavalli Estate - Sport Fullsize
Kasatochi SW - Midsize

AAM Motors Company

AAM Motors specializes in making rugged and utilitarian vehicles. Started in 1970 AAM (American Auto Motors) and sold vehicles from Trams to Crossovers. AAM was not bought out but was started by the AAUC and continues to be the second best selling brand.


S - Base
SE - Standard
SU - Base Utility
SUE - Standard Utility
Premium - Premium
Hybrid - Hybrid
Plug-in - Plug-in Hybrid/EV
XT - Rugged



American Auto Union Corporation. ®️


I prefer the new layout of this thread on the Blair group to this one. We’ll done.


Design 1: Large Crosshair Grille heavily inspired by dodge w/ slim long headlights with an LED strips and squared indicators. Large lower grille with chrome trimming.

Design 2: Smaller Crosshair Grille w/ shorter slim headlights without LED strip & squared indicators. Small lower grille w/ fog lights and matte black trimming

In case you’re wondering where the Crosshair Grille comes from here’s a photo of the 1994 Blaire Cahvack

  • Design 1
  • Design 2

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The quality photo is too bad to compare.


The pole has ended anyways. Found a style that works




Couple questions. Why a 4.5l v6? And not a v8? A 2.8l i4 instead of a v6? And why not a 3.5 v6 instead if a i5?. The car is going to be mad vibrating


Because granny doesn’t need all that powa, and I’m still learning bigger engines.


A 4.5l v6 is very big if you ask me


Well MXST is supposed to be me going overboard when it comes to engineering. The MXST trim is usually sold in limited quantities (in lore) So the use of outrageous specs doesn’t cost the company a super amount of money.


All of them is overboard with the engine sizes, 2.8l.i4 in a midsize is pretty big


The LaFette is a fullsize though. Might be mixed up with the Cahvack which is the midsize.


Ye I was. But if it’s supposed to be comfortable, I don’t think a big v6 or i5 wouldn’t be the right choice


Okay, I’ll try to see what I can do. Any suggestions?


I suggest making the engines smaller if it’s supposed to be comfortable. And if you want a performance car with a v6, you could make it smaller. Maybe a 3.0l. or a v8


I feel like the base can keep the I4 (since it is the base model) and the MXP & MXX could have a 2.0L or 2.5L V6, and the MXS would have a turbocharged version of the V6 with the MXST having a turbo V8 (Probably a 4.0L since it is for a fullsize sedan modest in size). Is that okay orrr should I choose something different?


The MXX could have something smaller, a 4 cyl that size could be found in a pickup truck. And the MXP could be better with a 3.5l v6 instead of really big 5 cylinders. Granny probably dont want to be sitting in a vibrating car if she wanna get Loose with the 4.5L. Im pretty sure you can make that same power with a 3.0L turbocharged engine. You could also get more fuel economy with smaller engines


Besides the obvious NVH issues, there is one other problem: All three of these engines are very heavy for their configuration. A 2.2L I4, 3.5L six-cylinder and a 4.5L V8 would be preferable - and more realistic to boot.


When you say six-cylinder. Do you mean Straight six or a V6?


Either one is fine. While a V6 would take up less space longitudinally, a straight-six is smoother and would be cheaper to build.