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American Road Trip Challenge [finished]


Yes, i know that. As far as i know the factory settings do not export, and i did mention that i am talking about the estimated price. I agree though that it might get confusing for some.

Otherwise i have to check how much $25k market cost would mean in construction cost.


I’m gonna say that I’m interested.


I’m interested, but does the body have to be a 2016 body, or could just the trim and engine be 2016?

I’m looking at making a restomod of one of my muscle cars for this, thus the question.


I hereby put forward my declaration of interest.

(In this challenge).


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Estimated market price is a bit weird as I noticed in last TCSR. You can up some q.sliders without having effect on estimated price. I agree that total cost would be better, or you could specify factory settings and than tell us the price. True they do not export but if you specify them you could easily check if price is right.

I find this challenge interesting and I would be glad to join in.


I would definitely love to join this, I’ve got some ideas already :slight_smile:

There is quite a range in the estimated price (i.e. $7920 is actually something between $7840 and $8030 or something like that) so upping some sliders doesn’t change enough to push the price from one to the next. On the other hand, I’d be wary of using the total cost, as it appears to only be the cost of the trim without the engine (although I’m not sure of this). For example in the CSR my I4 and I6 trims both had a estimated price of $7920 but the I6 trim had a much lower total cost because the I6 engine is more expensive.


Yeah i did notice that too, but i personally don’t understand the total cost either.

Anyways, the spots in this challenge are going to be taken by first come first serve by VALID entries in my inbox.

After i did my the car sales round challenge, i now know the kind of effort it takes to run a challenge and do want to finish this in a timely manner and don’t let it die as we have seen here before.


Well, once you open this up, I may have a vehicle ready rather early on. Part of my usual “see if the rules make sense” is to build a sanity-check car, one which follows all the rules and checks if they’re sensible.

So, other than some cosmetics and a little refining of my engine tune, and I’ve got a car ready.


It’s time to seek inspiration in the mood room


I think that in 2016 in U S and A we can run 95 - “premium” (which is not really premium in 1st world counties) fuel, no?


Just a bit curious: Will we be allowed to have race exhausts?


@AirJordan i am not from the US, but can you get everywhere in the us premium 91/95(RON)? I mean like everywhere?

@Madrias yes, you can have any part that you want.

I am going to define the all the challenges until Sunday, and then open it for entries. The rules might change still to a small degree but not by much.


Awesome! I can almost guarantee no one’s gonna have an engine like mine.

As for premium gasoline, I’m not entirely sure. One, I’ve not been very far from Illinois, and two, my car takes Regular, so even when I’ve been out of the state, I don’t typically take note other than to make sure I pick Regular and to make sure I didn’t just park at a diesel pump.

Still, I’m excited for this. Will the challenges just be something we find out about (essentially “Hey, guys, we’re in Tulsa, let’s go drag racing!”) or will they be things where we get a budget and have to do something (essentially, “Uh oh. We’re gonna have to go offroad. Better fit some offroad tires and raise your ride height! You’ve got $5,000 to spend on offroad gear, get to it!”), or do you have some other plan for the challenges?


Me neither, it was an assumption. You like me know that 95 is considered regular in most of EU. If you want to play safe, I respect that.

On other note, I’ll be making a car that I would realistically drive to such journey and not a “itcandoitall” challenge beater. 25k seems fair amount of $


While giving the opportunity to tune and change bits on your car for each challenge would be very cool i have to say, it would also mean the challenge would require multiple times the effort. So, I don’t wont to go over ambitious at my first own challenge, but it would be a cool idea for another similar challenge like this.


Mine’s more of a car a particularly eccentric car maker might turn up to an event in. Let’s just say the springs had to be reinforced… But I’m not trying to min-max the stats to get a perfect “does everything” car. In fact, some might argue some of the choices I’ve gone with are really bad for performance and track handling, but they fit the kind of car Luke would turn up in for a cruise. I’m not afraid to say that I’m going 4-cylinder on Hydropneumatic suspension, because I know it’s not something anyone else will do under the claims of performance.

Asdren, I respect that. Curiosity got the better of me, and so I asked. I think half the fun is going to be finding out what the challenges are, then seeing how our cars handle it. Granted, I’m keeping the converter open that I’m using for l/100km to US MPG because for me, liters and kilometers aren’t something I typically work with that much. I’m comfortable with liters for displacement, and kilometers, well, I don’t use much at all. But I’m confident I can make a car that meets the fuel efficiency requirements.


I added the US MPG to the rule set.


Thank you for that!

I think half of my difficulty converting between the two units is that in MPG, higher is better, while L/100km, lower is better. This makes it easier for me to realize that no, in fact, my car is fuel efficient enough, and that with what it currently has, it’ll do well enough.

As for my current design, it quite nicely uses up $24,800 of the $25,000 budget, if I keep it exactly as it is. Which I might just do. Just still trying to figure out what color I want it to be…


So… when do we start? :slight_smile: