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Another Design Challenge [ROUND 2 - Waiting For Stable LCV4]


Welp, it’s 11:30 GMT on Monday morning.

So, if there is still no qualms about the ruleset, etc…

Submissions Are Now Open!

Please remember to DM me the.car and post at least one picture of your submission here on the thread.

One submission per person.


The deadline for this challenge is:

Sunday 29th March @ 23:59 GMT

Countdown timer.


Interesting challenge, but for some reason I can’t see the accepted bodies. Could you tell me which ones they are?


It is likely your browser. Use google, it should work for you then.


It works now, thanks


Here’s my creation: the 2004 Coyota Paramedic


If that is a portmanteau of Coyote and Toyota, I won’t be surprised, especially if it combines the best attributes of both.


Nee Naw Intesifies

Yes, it’s a British fire truck that doesn’t say “Dennis” on the front.
The roller doors took too much effort…
It’s a dual purpose ladder truck, so it can squirt and erect at the same time!


Cargo version of retrostyled combivan.



After seeing people posting submissions here, I would liek to remind people to DM me their submission’s .car file here on ther forum.


So far, only one person has a valid entry.


And in light of recent events, the challenge is for the stable build only!


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


2002 GMD U-Van GL
Mid Range Model European Delivery Van

2002 GMD U-Van GL, the Van model of GMD’s U-Van


I was an idiot and didn’t put rear chevrons on meh fire engine… whoops…


That’s fine. I can look over that little whoops moment. :wink:


The 2000 Knightwick Carrier


Idk why, but that big blue blob is awesome.


2002 Alba Seattle AWD Turbo

It’s not fast, it’s not comfortable, But it does the deliveries cheap.


2005 ZARAZ 97397-1 2.0L Inline 4


This was my second contender. AKA the born of shitpost. At the end I decided to compete with Blob.


Is that… a Twongi Van?



Alright. So, with the devs sorting out the Light Campaign V4 patch and the game switching to Unreal Engine version 4.24, meaning all current mods will not work, tye uncertainty of when it will switch from openbeta to stable has led me to decide whether or not I should postpone the challenge until such a time arises.

I am also considering the posibility of redoing the theme due to the fact that most of the bodies that I will accept are mods, and postponing until LCV4 will break them entirely.

In terms of current entries, I currently only have 6 valid entries (DMed .car file and image post in thread). This is a lot less than I was expecting and it seems like it would be incredibly barren if I continue with the current deadline anyway.

Below is a poll for people to decide whether or not I should postpone it or not. This may mean allowing resubmissions to allow people to create vanilla versions as with the game switching to a new engine, mods will not work.

  • Postpone until LCV4 goes stable. Continue with current theme. Allow resubs for vanilla submissions.
  • Postpone. Redo the challenge with an entirely new theme.
  • Postpone to gain more entrants. Continue with current ruleset.
  • Continue without any changes.

0 voters


The poll has now closed.

With the results now in, the majority want me to postpone the challenge until LCV4 releases and redo the ruleset and theme.

The thread will thusly be closed and removed at the end of the day (GMT), giving people time to add extra discussion. This will allow me time to think up a new theme for this round within the time until the devs release LCV4 to the stable public release branch.

While this has been an interesting ruleset, the variety was not there. I was expecting people to choose more than just vans for this, and while there wasn’t many entries, the vast majority were vans.

I will NOT be quitting judging ADC 2, no matter how long the devs take to release LCV4 to the public branch.

I’m sorry to those who entered, but I feel this is the appropriate course of action to take with the current situation of the game.