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Any tips on making an engine sound good?


I know that sport/race intakes help, but does anyone know more on how to get a nice sound out of an engine?
Do cam profiles play a role? Cylinder size? Valvetrain type? Exhausts?
Thank you!


No, no, no and a bit. You can basically make it more or less muffled and that’s all.

Just make a V8.


*Naturally aspirated V10 Diesel


*Turbocharged inline 5

As for the actual engine sounds, I think carbs vs injection sound a little different. Not sure on the valvetrain. To be fair, all engines sound pretty decent anyway.


Air-cooled. But we don’t have such god-tier stuff in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way, you can change the sound of a V8 even by changing the crankshaft type! I don’t know which is which but you can make it more burbling like an American V8 or make it metallic sounding like a German über-motor!


Deutz <3


Don’t forget to change the Intake also!


If you be seeking the bass mon …give ya motor a longer stroke cycle
But if the treble be ya style, then ya be wanting to shorten the stroke mon.
But the best thing ta do be this mon …build several engines with different stroke to bore ratios.
Different valve arrangements and then be the conductor of yer own symphony.

I be liken this idea mon …
Wait …I’m American, why am I doing a lame Jamican …never mind that mon, flow wit it!

Oh, I almost forgot mon …camshafts have an influence on the sound too.


Thank you Cpt. Obvious.
And no, German uber-motors don’t use flatplane crankshafts. 99% of them are crossplane, like those American burblers.


start with what sounds best to your little eardrums


Crossplane is how you get the American/German/British Style of V8, which is more throaty and deep

Flatplane is how you get the Italian/Racing style V8, which is more tight.