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Apollo Motors


Apollo Motors was founded in 1949 with the promise of delivering fine American automobiles to hard-working, hard-playing Americans at affordable prices.

The company had moderate success from its founding until 1966, where it shot into the spotlight like a rocket with the Fiasco, the company’s first foray into the “muscle car” phenomenon. The final incarnation of the original Fiasco was the 457 c.i. Fiasco GTO, released in 1969, which received rave reviews and was competitive in the largest American race circuits.

Sadly, the oil crisis had its icy grip on the muscle car’s throat by 1971, and Apollo wisely ceased production of the Fiasco, lest it become corrupted and shamble on as some low-displacement husk.

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In 2018, however, rumor spread about the return of the king. The Fiasco would come back swinging in 2019 with a brand-spanking-new 305 c.i. (that’s about 5 liters for our Old World friends) naturally aspirated V8 called the Rumblebee. Putting in excess of 430hp to the rear wheels, this 2+3 seater coupe is all-in-one Mr. Olympia and family man.

Front view of the 2019 Apollo Fiasco GT


Side view of the 2019 Apollo Fiasco GT


Rear view of the 2019 Apollo Fiasco GT


I mostly like the designs, and really like how you took styling cues from the original to the revived model. (Like the side vents.) However, I think the rear of the 2019 is a bit too plain. Maybe move the license plate up to fill some of the blank space, a trick I do with some of my builds.


I thought so too, it used to be different but some bug deleted almost the entire rear end so I forgot how I did it. I’m still tweaking it, thanks for the advice


2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed teaser for the 2020 Apollo Fiasco Bastard

Rear view of the 2020 Apollo Fiasco Bastard