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ARAIYRA Engineering | Destiny through industry


                               ARAIYRA Logo (full, 1997-?)

                        ARAIYRA Logo (advertisement ver., 1997-?)

Originally being just an engine manufacturer, Korea’s improvement in employment rate is attested to ARAIYRA’s opening of plants in the capital. Fittingly, the modus operandi of the company certainly sticks to this philosophy and ergo is corroborated by this pertinent fact ; as a whole, their aim is to evolve technology within the automotive industry.

In the late 80s, two students were hidden within a few hundred strong group that were finishing up their final year at one of the country’s best-ranking secondary schools. Yun Ho-Sung (engineering-focused) and Kong Soo-Yeon (accountancy-focused) may not have shared the same class together for much of their schooling, but their divergence of pathways came to a head when serendipitously they bumped into each other swapping classrooms, when the latter’s class was moved into a different block.

During the commotion of picking up many sheets of paper, they discovered through idle chatter that they both had something very passionate in common. They both loved their cars. Sure enough, they both made a very strong friendship, spending their free time talking at end about their obsessions. So strong was the bond, they both made a pact which has stood the test of time – they would venture into the car production industry at any cost. As such, ARAIYRA Engineering was set up some time later in the year 1994, providing a platform for similarly passionate gearheads to learn the inner workings of a motor car, and even leading to pathways in motorsport.

The year of 1997 proved to be the greatest year of their lives, as it so happened. Word reached the Korean government that these two graduates set up a business helping others to join the manufacturing industry, opening up job opportunities to less-privileged compatriots. As such, the huge potential for growth could not be ignored at this point, and a significant financial boost by way of donations to this cause proved to be pivotal to the success of the company to this day.


Coming soon…


Every company needs a marquee vehicle; and ARAIYRA is no different. Experience the best that the company has to offer with the TEMPEST range.

A lot can happen in three years, and this fact is personified most explicit with the evolution of ARAIYRA’s production values. No longer locked in to a particular field of research and being hopelessly hamstrung by finances – this is a new beginning for the small Korean company to the supercar realm, and the TEMPEST brings senior year swagger along with it for the ride. Its visuals may not be as ostentatious or flashy as other high performance cars, but rather it only shows enough to you in so far as it only suggests to you the power within; almost as if it were coy or even facetious in its pretensions.

Open TEMPEST’s doors, and you may be surprised as to what you find within her shell.

Shoestring door handles? Tin-like accoustics? Will it crumple like a discared crisp packet? Yeah-nah. She’s loaded to the brim with the best technology right now. Climate control, leather and wood trim as well as temperature-adjusting seats keep you cool, calm and collected at any speed that takes your fancy. Forget back-breaking rides for as long as she’s on the road; a new age of GT-cars has started, and TEMPEST is keen to show her stuff on the catwalk to anyone who will give her a chance._

Turning the key similarly brings surprise to anyone not in the know of her inner workings.

If you peer inside the rear bonnet, you’ll find the source of the harmonious purr she creates. Don’t rub your eyes, because it is indeed what you think it is; she may be shy, but TEMPEST holds within her haven a true gem of a heart. The 4-litre twinturbo 6-cylinder Boxer engine that she posesses produces easily enough power to blast past the 60mph (100km/h) barrier in less than 4 seconds. Her curvaceous body also proves to be an asset to her performance, allowing her to go on and on to a top speed of 206mph.

Truly electric performance; especially for a car that is supremely comfortable, equipped with 4 seats, overflowing with gizmos and gadgets, as well as a surprisingly spacious front trunk. What’s more, at $125,000 (Y2K money, 2019 adjusted still puts it under $200,000) it is also decent value for she provides. If you are tired of the usual Ferrari and Lamborghini norm and want a car that can do more for your money, push the outside of the envelope and broaden your horizons.

Take the time to take care of her, and she’ll serve you well. Are you ready?