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Arion Automotive & Racing Co


Happy 201th post! I’ve came a long way with my Arion brand. I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made, having a look back at my previous build recently, I have improved with detailing quite a lot! I hope everyone continues to enjoy and love my creations too, as I’m glad to embrace creating every build! Thank you everyone! :sparkles:

Arion Charmeleon Concept '02

A new concept sports car was revealed by Arion at Geneva Motor Show March 2002: The Charmeleon. It was a rather strangle, unique looking car in Arion’s special iridescent paint with the 3 circular lights either side on front and back. It featured a hard top that was detachable.

Charmeleon in Superb Starling Blue & Sterling Silver IV Stripes

It was rather show-off, as such being an Arion was, but this car had the fancy Mythos 350-Eco powerplant motor in it, which amazed the crowds with it’s low emissions and high MPGs along with performance figures. The exposed glass engine bay cover got a lot of attention with it’s overall looks not missed either: The side-doors having glass all the way to the trim piece that flowed along the side like silk.

Specifications 3.5L-Eco:
Arion Charmeleon Concept - 3.5L “350-Eco” V8 - TwinTurbo Eco Sport ‘01
Chassis, Drivetrain & Weight: Mid longitudinal RWD Glued Aluminium Monocoque with Aluminium panels - 1217kg (38F/62R)
Gearbox & Suspension: 6 Gear Sequential & Pushrod F&R Air suspension with Adaptive dampers & Semi Active sway bars
Engine: 352.2hp @ 7000RPM - 8,000RPM redline - Full AlSi 3504cc/3.5L DOHC32 Turbo Direct Injection V8 - 9.7:1 Compression - 38.0mpg (55.6mpg average)
Wheels: Magnesium 17 inch Standard rims on radial sports compound tyres (P190/45R17 82Y F & P235/35R17 87Y R)
Brakes: 310mm Vented Disc 3 Piston callipers front & 310mm Vented Disc 4 Piston calipers rear
Misc: Electric LSD - Fully clad undertray - Cooling flaps - Variable Hydraulic Power Steering, TC, ABS, ESC + Advanced 00s Safety
Exterior layout & Interior: 2 door hard top convertible coupe - Sport 2 seater & Premium CD
Design: Slick curvy styling - Glass side-door windows - Reverse sensors - Extended flowing Bullet side insignia - 2 exhaust tip (3.5’ dual pipes directed to tip) - Whiteout taillights - Front lip & rear diffuser - Glass engine cover
Markets & Value: Conv. Sport/Conv. Sport B./Sport/Muscle - Not for sale (£71,100)


The Chameleon looks as jaw-dropping as I thought it would be, and deserves to go into production or at least influence the aesthetics and/or engineering of the regular Arion lineup. It would be the right kind of car for GT Concept Tokyo-Geneva for that reason - and while I’m at it, I’d suggest a harder-core trim with at least 100 extra horsepower to really frighten other contemporary supercars.


Very TVR, very yes.

OOC update

Just a quick out of character note, my laptop recently died, so I will be gone for a while. In the mean time I will be drawing and sketching my ideas for future Arions until I get a new laptop. :slight_smile:

Part II:
Coming back onto the game I feel so disconnected from not having my paints and so on. I’m going to take a bit of a break I think before continuing this thread.