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Arpos Automotive


Arpos Automotive was Born in Italy in 1946 .
It was start to build Gt, Sport, and track Cars since 1946, and raced in most important grand prix of that time (Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Paris-Pechino, Gt Championship) and collaborate with some racing teams in F1 and endurance Grand Prix.
From the year of born, the philosophy of Arpos engineers was create a cars with Sport, drivability, prestige attitude and for follow that Arpos workers use advanced tools and excellent materials, nearset the top of time.
In history Arpos Cars are essentialy cars who wanna and do that, comparate and make noise with much prestige and expansive car on market.

Stay Tuned for more Arpos Cars History
All Cars have no Light yellow, blu or other when we finish project…only admited blu light for slick compound.

production :
1960 - Maiella Gt
- Lipari and Vulcano Limited edition

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(1960) Arpos Maiella Gt

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During the firsts years of 60’ the GT were a type at the peak of their evolution. uncertain to adopt the splendor opulent Philosophy of the Alvis*, take advantage of the new technologies like Buick Riviera*, or focus on the Performance and race perspective Like Ferrari.
So, in The 1960, At the Tourin Car Show The Orobic Car Company “Arpos” present his GT “Maiella”, making it available through the elite sport GT; less Sport Than Ferrari “GTO”* but faster Than “DB4”.
Since 1957 the Famous “Mille Miglia” race haven’t took anymore place, and so the “Arpos” car company didn’t feel the need to develop a typycally sport prototype; however the rervest of gentlemans pilots and engineering curiosity made the Arpos Company think about producing a more sport version.
Have been admire for the elegant and sport profile , as well as for mechanical engineering.
In The reports of the time often a “Maiella” was photograph shooting in the night of Rome drived by some cinema star , contributing to the birth of "Dolce vita " epoch.
Many custumers for these reason start to ask a Spider Version of GT.

“Marcello come here with Your Maiella” say Palita Kegdeber in la dolce Vita Movie in famous scene in the fountain…

An Now some Stats:
Engine type 3.8V.M1(name factory)
V8 3000cc-229 hp-297 NM
0-100 KM/h 7.74 sec
0-400 mt 15,78 sec
Bottom end Cast Iron
Top end Alluminium
Naturally Aspired with Twin Carburetor DCOE

Chassis Name Maiella 3.8V-MS
Galvanised Steel Space Frame-Corrosion Rest Steel panel.
Front Longit. Longit RWD Space Frame.
Gearbox 4 Manual
Suspension Duble WishBone
Weight 1209 kg

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1960 -Arpos Lipari and Limited Edition “Vulcano”

In 1960 the “Lipari” model is presented and its limited edition variant “volcano”
This is a cabrio belonging to the Fun Sport category, with a turn in the supercar for the “Vulcano”
Aesthetically, the line is based on the classic canons of the 55-56 era, recalling at times the Lancia Aurelia, Austin Healey, Triumph, AC. Not being particularly innovative, however, is appreciated for its clean and simple lines.
The Lipari is presented with a motorization of 2000 cc in-line 4-cylinder engine, with a horsepower of 147 horses , the engine even if small displacement looks like a little gem for the avant-garde details of the era as top end and bottom in Alluminum, 16 valves and was specially designed for the “Lipari”
The chassis relies on a chassis composed of light monocoque. combined with a landslide system in solid disc, and double wishbone front and rear.

The car has the following services
Top speed 182 km/h
0-100 in 10 second, nearest 1g at cornering.
and it was available in the following colors
-celeste, red italy, british green.

Concluding the “Lipari” is the ideal car to enjoy the streets along the sea with the wind in your hair, for long weekends or why not used every day.

The “Vulcano” version, produced in 336 specimens, is easily recognizable from view by the enlarged wheel arches and other small details.
Although remained unchanged in the components, the Engineers to accommodate the most powerful V8 engine of 3000 cc, already mounted on the GT “Maiella” also presented that year, had to widen the track, increase the diameter of the rims to accommodate a braking system more powerful.

The Engine in the same configuration of the Maiella of 229 horse power for 297 NM manages to Push the “Volcano” at a maximum speed of 222 km/h with an acceleration from 0-100 in 6,78 sec, managing to be faster than the excellent GT.
for the first time a symbol of the “Pegasus” appears on an Arpos car, identifying the most prestigious Arpos from that moment on.
The color available is only the Mica Navy Blue, which recalls the color of the sea with the black sands of the Aeolian island.

The “volcano” made the “Arpos Scuderia” appreciate even more in the American market, asking for a large-scale version of the construction company.

Music to listen while drive this cars:
MINA- Il Cielo In Una Stanza (1960)
MINA -Tintarella di Luna (1960)
Fred Buscaglione-Eri Piccola (1960)
Adriano Celentano- Impazzivo per te (1960)
Dalida -les Enfants du piree (1960)
Neil Sedaka- oh Carol (1960)
Theme from " A Summer Place" Percy Feith (1960)
Apache- The Shadow(1960)
E.Presley- the girl of my bestfriend(1960)

N.B. Arpos Lipari and Vulcano Are cars optimized…i mean no yellow, blu or read lights when project is finished.