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ARTEMIS Designs GmbH | Balancing form and function


A collaboration between two Austrian engineering students, ARTEMIS Designs produce high-quality kit cars that aim single-mindedly to provide a driving experience bested by none – all hosted and run in a simple garage inside the city of Leoben, Austria.

Following in the footsteps of such names as Ginetta, Saker and Elfin, ARTEMIS attempts to distance itself from those before it, as it isn’t strictly a business as such; but more as an artistic vent. Whilst of course one can purchase a DIY and ready-built car as you would with other vendors (and mechanically it certainly is sound), the focus is more on bringing attention to the aesthetic side of the engineering industry, and how machinations can harness the abstract concept of beauty. This ideology is precisely what ARTEMIS strives for, and knowledge is bettered by experience - and we all know where experience comes from!


This is a car. It has four circular grip pads occupying space that appears to have been intentionally reserved for it within its bodywork. It appears to have an engine that houses twelve cylinders, which is a lot more than most cars. But that’s enough about that, let’s instead delve into the human psyche to explain the reason behind this car because that’s a far more interesting medium of learning useful information.

The first impression; as they say, is the most important. The human mind works in a way that effectively prevents its host from trying the same thing twice if the first experience was poor enough. People that offer experiences in a mutual transaction (retail or otherwise) understand this, and this is how they keep you in the system; by investing the majority of resources into that first encounter. This is useful when you want to grow your experiences’ reach to encapsulate more people within your sphere of influence… but there is one small problem with relying solely on this system.

Question 1: How do you grow through word of mouth when nobody but you knows your experience exists?