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Articles I find [Crack down on Aftermarket for not meeting EPA Emissions Standards]


I wish I had this job:
Finding the rarest of the rare stolen cars


Epa Launches Crackdown on Emissions Defeat Device makers (IE: aftermarket) And plans to crack down hard from now until 2023 with their national compliance initiative.



I think people with street vehicles should be required not to delete or disable their emissions devices, but going after them for dedicated off-road parts as well is just absurd.


The EPA is doing something right for once - coal rolling is a nuisance and should be outlawed at all costs.


Did you even read the article?

The only action the EPA took was basically slapping companies with fines. No where does it say they forced a company to close down. One company voluntarily dissolved after the epa went after them (probably to hide/minimize their faults).

Whats more concerning is the definitions:

Those definitions are very loose, and even though companies have skirted by with the “for off-road use only”, there have always been “highway vehicles” that are designed basically for off-road use (ie: Dodge Demon)

Hopefully the main point of this push by the epa is to crack down on coal rolling diesels. Imo Coal rollers are asshats.

(Ps: nice edit :roll_eyes: @abg7)