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Artondale Street Circuit


I grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington and in Gig Harbor, the roads are like Boston. We had several jokes about them such as:

  • Every road is straight except the main ones (this one is painfully true though)
  • Roller coasters are more even than our roads
  • How big is a mile? About the length of longest straight road here

It makes it an absolute bitch navigate especially if you’re not from around there. But while terrible for navigation, the roads are very fun to drive. I have many fond memories of exuberant cornering and hill climbing at irresponsible speeds before I moved to Michigan four years ago. And so I got to thinking. How cool would it be to build a road coarse out of some of my favorite routes? Well, building maps for other games may as well be a second job but in Automation its comparatively easy, especially with tools like TrackEdit.

So, here we are. I give you the Artondale Street Circuit:

A grand prix road coarse with steep hills, corners of all speeds, straights, and not short in the slightest. And all the bits are real, modeled off of the roads of the Artondale district of Gig Harbor, Washington, USA.

ArtondaleStCircuit.zip (1.9 MB)