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Aruna's Mods


The era of concept slick cars, even Mitsubishi HSR & Isuzu 4200R are similar!


Lamborghini Reventón body

The update to the Reventón body is here! I sorted it out from the base mesh completely revising it.

The extremely modern and angular Reventón body. Once again it has a variety of two-tone layouts, as well as 9 different variants, including shooting brake, roadster, and spyder types.

ReventonSuper (2.8m)


Here is the Kei-car family version updated too:

ReventonSuper (2.0m)



I’m not getting any cabin or cargo volume for both the full size and SWB Reventons.


It has that on the thumbnails, but it should be fine when in the final statistics for some odd reason


Yeah, it’s given me a passenger volume in the Detail tab. It’s 14300L but I guess that should be adequate. :slight_smile:


Porsche 910 body

Currently uploaded as a beta test until I complete all variants, here is my latest project: A Porsche 910 body!

This 60’s Sports Supercar/Race car body currently has 6 different variants each featuring different livery patterns to experiment with. 1960 year. Based upon Porsche 910. (To scale dimensions.)

The four liveries are as follows: OEM Porsche pattern, Prince 380, Gulf, Rothmans, Silk Cut, and Advan/Marlboro

Porsche 910 (2.3m)



will you make a bus
or a trukc


Love the body but some of the variants have bodywork that can’t have their colours changed.


Read the description on steam, it’s only for open beta because of soft top and truck tray being used as additional materials.


I like it. :slight_smile: Makes me think of this movie:


Man, love these bodies! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Porsche 910 body update

Added highly interchangable style Speedster variant!

Porsche 910 (2.3m)



History has just been made, the first fully functional cabriolet (or roadster) body in UE4 Automation!


Porsche 910 body update

Final changes added and released the final 13 variants:
Standard (Larger roof) {LR}
Larger roof no rear window {LRNW}
Targa Glass {TG}
Targa Hard (With Stripes on roof) {TH1}
Targa Hard (Without Stripes on roof) {TH2}
Targa Soft {TS}
Spyder Hard {SH}
Spyder Soft {SS1}
Spyder Soft (No window) {SS2}
Liftback (Marcos/Alfa TZ2/Bizzarrini style) {LB}
Breadvan {BV}
Curvy (Isuzu Bellet R6 style) {C}
Cabrio coach {CC}

Porsche 910 (2.3m)



Current project: Bugatti T57 SC Atlantic

Additional two-tone used again for added variety! I will do variants later on with different livery layouts.

Currently this project is proving difficult alongside chassis limitations, but I will be working alongside fellow modders to try and get it to work in game with no clipping on the chassis at all.


Definitely one I could see myself making a lot of cars with.


Bugatti T57 Atlantic body

30’s Luxury Coupe body currently has 10 different variants. 1937 year. Based upon the Bugatti T57 Atlantic. (To scale dimensions.)

Standard {N}
Standard Window Layout 1 (Full front & rear window) {W1}
Standard Window Layout 2 (Boot is combined into rear window) {W2}
Targa Glass T1 {T1G}
Targa Glass T2 {T2G}
Targa Hard T1 {T1H}
Targa Hard T2 {T2H}
Targa Soft T1 {T1S}
Targa Soft T2 {T2S}
Cabrio coach {CC}

Bugatti T57 Atlantic (3.0m)



Jesus you work fast, great job here


Magnum 2049 body

It’s always been a dream to revive this classic icon of my childhood somehow into the modern era of gaming, and so here it is! My own revision of the “Magnum” featured in San Francisco Rush 2049. Hope you enjoy! :sparkles:

00’s/Future supercar body with 10 different variants, some featuring different livery patterns to experiment with. 1999 year (Rush 2049 release). Based upon San Francisco Rush 2049’s “Magnum”. (Hand-made revision of the design)

Standard Original decals {N}
Standard Two-Tone {STT}
Standard Police {POL}
Standard Elegant pinstripe {PIN}
Targa Glass {TG}
Targa Hard {TH}
Targa Soft {TS}
Cabrio coach Glass {CG}
Cabrio coach Hard {CH}
Cabrio coach Soft {CS}

Magnum 2049 (2.6m)



Originally released for arcades, then ported to N64 and Dreamcast, before receiving further ports to PS2/Xbox as part of Midway Arcade Treasures 3, it was the last true Rush game in the traditional sense (LA Rush was a Rush game in name only). I miss the days when new arcade racers were much more common; these days they are mere once-in-a-generation novelties.

Sadly, it’s (almost) certain that WB Games (which bought the rights to Rush and other Midway franchises) will never make another Rush game, because they don’t see the point in doing so.