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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


Here’s the place for all us Assetto players to gather and hold some challenges every now and then.

Of course there will be other challenges in the future, and this OP will be changed to reflect that. Common rules will be set here. When you finish a lap you would like to register, post a screenshot in the thread and then enter it here.


  • Damage will be 100%
  • 30L of fuel required
  • TCS, ESP and ABS all allowed but not required
  • Track surface optimum
  • Adjustments to suspension, tyre pressure and aero allowed
  • Penalties must be enabled

###Things for round hosts to remember

  • You should not design a round that depends on a paid DLC unless everyone owns it.
  • A 3rd party mod should not be the main car/track of the challenge.
  • Specify a tyre type allowed
  • Mention if there is a steering method that is not allowed
  • The fastest class of cars you are allowed to choose are GT3 cars. Please no F1 madness.

Each round should last about a week. At the end a random dice roll will determine who hosts the next round, so have your ideas ready.

Start racing!

#Round rules


@strop @findRED19 @koolkei here is where we can link to the videos of our racing and discuss rules for current and future rounds. :grin:


Funny you should post this, the first thing I did when I downloaded that mod was to run it on Trento Bondone…

…shortly followed by a lot of crashes


If you have any free time, could we expect a video of that from you? :grinning:


I propose a standard tire type and track surface ruling for each round. (what those are depends on the rounds)


I’d like to say road tyres and optimum track surface. Thoughts?


#Oh it’s on boi


Yeah, expect a follow up from me and Koolkei too, so we will be faster :imp:


For the current challenge I ran with a Green surface and road tires.

Like I mentioned, the required tires and track surface could change for each challenge.
(should we include temps as well, or leave those at defaults?)

Edit: we can’t really regulate how many tries you take off-camera, so @Speedemon it could be infinite.


Hang on, can you try as many times as you want or is it just one try?

EDIT: @findRED19 got it. :thumbsup:


Let’s try to do this:

#Trento Bondone Hillclimb Challenge

To participate you need:

  • to be racing in an Audi S1
  • Damage to be turned on 100%
  • TCS and ABS enabled
  • to be running on slicks
  • the track to be in optimum conditions

Anything more to add?


so damage slider at 100% to be precise?
Edit: and default temperatures?
Edit2: a good hit with the 100% damage setting can negatively effect handling. ie: pulling to the right because you hit hard the right corner.

Oh, and you can blow up engines too.


I don’t know the tangible effects of damage… so far I’ve only played with 50% damage, but I suppose 100 would work too.

how about we just not touch that?


Should penalties be on?




This sound like fun :slight_smile:


Penalties? Explain please.

@gridghost welcome! feel free to start challenging us in Assetto Corsa, as you can see in the videos, me and koolkei have already tried our hands at it. If you wish to record yourself, please do so and link it here if you like :innocent:


Can I use my wheel?

also some said something about mods, if their are any we need to download can we have a link please


Wheels are allowed but will definitely be faster lol so we might need to split into different classes.

And at the moment we’re only using vanilla content AFAIK, I seem to be unable to get any of the mods to work anyway.



Can I run with these disabled?