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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


yup. as i suspected. 1:50


1:49 high would totally be possible, but I could not get a lap together. Anyway, here’s a video:


Agree, 1:49 is possible. Do not have time or space to get the wheel out so unfortunately will have to cheat and put some degree of TCS on. I will try to do without ABS, and definitely not turning any stability control on (whacking the throttle down in this car midway through a corner is an open invitation to unbalancing it anyway). I too am doing 1:50.1 with mouse and wheel and there’s maybe a bit more in it, but fortune favours the god foot a.k.a. not me :joy:


Yeah say what you want but the guy on a controller being beaten by three other guys on a keyboard, a mouse and a wheel isn’t you :joy:


If I was playing with a controller I guarantee you I’d be coming last.

Did I mention I fucking suck at controllers? :joy:


3? who’s the other 2? :joy:

also, can i get your setup please? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’ve got this far.

what you don’t see is like 7 laps more before that :stuck_out_tongue: but it seems like I need more practice.

Setup: Reduced final ratio with 5th and 6th shortened as well. At the end of the straight it’s hitting around 265kph and topping out. No TCS or ABS. Rear wing increased by 1deg. Front toe reduced by 1 on each side. Front bump increased by two clicks, and rebound by one. Diff power set down to 30%. Didn’t touch anything else. It handles like a dream now, I mainly changed it to handle just like the AMG GT GT3 because I love the way that thing handles and sounds.

I watched DerBayer’s video, and he’s got literally more corner speed in every corner and higher exit speeds.

I’ll upload the video of me doing the 1:55 soon.


What I would really need to feel legit here is the pedals, to see if I can modulate throttle control as simply whacking on the TCS. I feel like a bit of a fraud, which is why I haven’t posted my time yet, but I can confirm that with a bit of coaxing and putting together a great lap you can indeed get into the high 1:49s as Der_Bayer predicted.


right. anyone know what the targa florio track is?

another league that i am following is running that track. but it’s not in my library, nor is it a DLC. and afaik these leagues don’t do modded stuff. so. anyone know what’s up?


No idea what the Targa Florio track is. Is it a mod?


right. next up
#Fiat 500 abarth step 1 on Highlands Short

ambient temp 23C. you can turn on all assist if you want.
and 6 liters of fuel in the tank

going back to small and light car :slight_smile:

my 1st shot


Is that in the update? I don’t seem to have that track. Not that I mind really.


Yeah it’s a fairly recent update.

I never uploaded my video or time with the Z4 GT3 but can tell you now that with traction control I did get a high 1:49… but since it was with TC on and with mouse I think Der_Bayer’s time is more legit!

edit: note that even with driving aids off times of sub 57s (oops typo) are attainable in this next round.


I really hope you mean sub 57’s, otherwise i’m really sucky at this :wink:


i still suck as usual :joy:


That’s still keyboard tho isn’t it.


yup. the stubborn me still refusing to learn mouse control


I’ve got a hilariously evil idea for the next round


Mouse control is a lot better than keyboard, trust me.


Koolkei showed us his computer desk sometime earlier, let’s just say it’s impossible to use mouse without him upgrading the office :joy: