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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


Well then, I was wondering why I was so slow and then I realize I’m not using the S1.

I’m an idiot.


anyone else still wanting to try this?

i’m a bit too curious in what @ramthecowy has in mind for the next round.


Oh yeah, gimme a bit, I’ll actually post my vid this time.

There you go, the time was :56.503


So I just picked up the game yesterday and set this lap time with my G27 and shifter
It’s poor, but I can’t beat it for the life of me :laughing:


The fastest time I have been able to get so far was a 56.834, so I still have room for improvement, but I doubt I will get under 56.500.


Next round!

RUF CTR Yellowbird on 70% boost (you need at least 1 bar right? :wink:).

ABS allowed but no TCS. Have fun when the boost kicks in because that rear diff is locked at 40% minimum so minding throttle input is everything!

Enter your times in here:


Fuck you, I’ll have to get the wheel out for this :joy:

Or I could just POWAAAAAAslide around every corner.


Bringing the laptime sheet back, added the link to the round brief. You’ll need to go to sheet 9 in the workbook.


not even tire blanket? well
this should be good fun to record my fails


Btw you had stability ctrl on in the summary but off in the settings. Keep it off for maximum hardcore?


Yeah sure, let’s do that. Not sure what’s going on in AssCo there.


This is going to be difficult.

Tamburello and Villeneuve both feature high speed entry, with heavy braking around tightening corners with sudden direction change, which is precisely the kind of corner RR cars hate the most. Rivazza is similar except even worse it’s a fairly steep downhill. I predict a lot of leaving the track ass first :joy:

Also I haven’t even managed to get the Yellowbird around Nordscleife yet without stuffing it into the Armco. Vallelunga was hard enough as is.


30 minutes.
at least 30 tries
i got…2 clean lap

2:08. i’m highly sure 1:49 is achievable


This is fucking impossible


Honestly think one would be doing pretty well if they could get underneath 2 minutes. On mouse I’m getting 2:02s, but that’s with a looooooot of unintentional sideways and general shenanigans.

Hey @ramthecowy are we allowed to change turbo settings in the middle of the lap? Like for the straights I can just whack it all the way up to 100% and in the corners put it back down to 70%?


Just for the main long straight I think you could.

My practice runs on 100% turbo, 50% stability and full ABS (not factory)… watch me fail when I bring it back to ABS factory, just watch me… :joy:


Isn’t ABS factory just no abs? When I hit the brakes they just lock up like a motherfucker :joy:


I don’t think it came with ABS, no. ABS was certainly around but if you consider the fact that RUF sandbagged the horsepower figures, they don’t seem like people who would bother with ABS either :joy:


Ok so just gave it a shot with the G27, zero driving aids whatsoever. Getting mid 2:03s. Goddamn this is hard, on one hand better throttle control = not automatically powersliding ass first off the track. On the other no ABS = have to brake much much earlier. Tyres are warmest after 3 laps but start wearing after 4, so lap 4 is the hot lap.

Will I find the settings that allow me to attack the heavy braking corners faster, and will I be able to break 2 minutes without driving aids? That’s the mission!


Ffs, I thought it would be a fun struggle, but after 13 laps of struggling, got this time with my wheel (T300 RS):

I’m done, I’m satisfied :joy: Please no more.
It’s a lot of fun trying to get a 4-wheel drift going, but battling without ABS and with turbo lag sure is a challenge, and sure is tiring.