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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


After a lot of fiddling and bumping the toe in way up and then increasing and decreasing rear negative camber to find the balance between hot tyres and handling predictability, I’m on the cusp of breaking 2:00 with my 3rd/4th lap strategy. It’s just really hard to string together a lap of sufficient aggression but also tidiness… I can nail the first two sectors but come into the second last corner and it’s lock-up and into the runoff and just ruins everything…


I’m done, i don’t think that i’m able to do it any better then this…

As Dragawn so eloquently put it… it’s tiring to say the least :smiley:


I’ve given up on even trying without stability control. Driving on a controller is really not an upgrade over mouse steering, and barely an upgrade over keyboard steering.

I mean… I’ve given up altogether :joy:


I haven’t gone back to it after I did that 2:02 but I might try again, doubt I’ll get under 2 minutes.


I think next round ought to be more… sober. I’m thinking Toyota GT86 on Brands Hatch. Any objections to that?


Well I don’t have the Brands Hatch circuit (Dream Pack 3) and some other people might not have it also, so maybe a different circuit? The GT86 around Magione would be nice.


Mmm, Magione is good too.


Make it on eco tyres and you have a deal :stuck_out_tongue:


GT86 on Magione sounds good to me… and eco tyres and no TC seems like a good and sober way to do it :wink:


With Eco tires and no TC I have been able to clock a 1:36.495 on my first few runs. But those Eco tires are a pain sometimes. I’ll wait until an official set of rules has been posted.


ok fuck it, 2:00.363 or whatever it was it is. Zero driving aids. Just a lot of toe in and not much camber. And brake power at 93% because mouse control.

btw ram, somebody asked me to clarify my time from the Cobra at old Silverstone round, it’s at the end of the video I posted to this thread so I assure you it’s legit!


Next round, we’re going to take it a little easy this time after the madness of the previous one :sweat_smile:

(no you don’t have to run ABS)

Huh? Who was that? Eh, whatever, this is only an informal racing challenge anyway, I don’t think we should be hounding each other on stupid technicalities like that. It’ll suck the fun out of everything.

Did a few laps, and I was seriously grannying it around. If you can’t beat it… get help


Yeah I thought so. I’m not fussed, but I do feel the need to address anything that opens the possibility of dishonesty on my part.

After a brief mouse test, I can say your target time (with best possible controller) will be 1:35, maybe a little below that is possible. And that means aiming for clean driving, and less of this:

Basically IMHO most times in tarmac racing if your steering wheel is pointed in the opposite direction from the corner you’re wasting time, tread and temperature. It’s not like your rear wheels have to be absolutely 100% gripping the road, and there are probably circumstances where getting it’ll serve you well, like certain corner combos where Scandanavian flick is most relevant.


I’m here so far. The last section of this track is incredibly fun, I have to say.




It is possible to get below 1:34 with wheel :slight_smile:


I got a pretty good time in, but the temperature and time of day were off, so I will have to go again for an official time.


i actually have a cleaner desk this time. so i gave mouse steering a shot

barely an increase


Damn, that’s a HUGE chunk of time out. Eco tyres, no aids… oh, what about tyre blankets? I assume those are off, not that it matters given you nailed that time on lap 5 and every lap before that was faster.

makes me want to ask for your setup, much envy

edit: knocked the time down to 1:34.2, there’s definitely room to move but still, 1:31… wow…


so everyone’s beaten my benchmark, eh. Looks like I need more practice and more attempts.


Oh, my time on Eco tyres is 1:33.958, so you’re not far off with 1:34.2. The 1:31 is on regular streets if i remember correctly.