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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


Those eco tyres are sure, er, good for drifting amirite :joy:

Maybe I will take my G27 out tomorrow. That said I think I’m actually not very good with it (I know a poor workman blames their tools but my office desk is not the best setting for a wheel and pedals kit, and if I want to use the shifter I have to sort of attach it to the sliding undertray which likes to, you know, move whenever I shift), so I suspect my times will take a hit…


Honest bit of advice to everyone looking into sim racing, please don’t use controllers for the love of God.




And as for the setup used, i had full negative camber in front (-0,90 ish) and a little more in the rear (-1 - -1,1) and a tiny bit of toe out in front (-0,04) and toe in at the rear (0,04-0,05) and lowered the pressure on the right side (both front and rear) from 30 to 28. Test it out and see what you think. And i did it with my old G25… haven’t used it since i raced in LFS years ago :slight_smile:


well i knocked 1 second off my time… but still far from 1:33


nice, staggered tyre pressures does give me a bit of extra corner grip on right handers, provided the tyres don’t shit themselves before they’ve warmed up properly! Great tip.

edit: I did change the toe settings slightly just to get a bit better mid-corner grip and also to reduce disproportionate tyre pressures on the rear but it’s quite good.


Unrelated: my computer has decided to unleash some free performance and I’m now able to run it at 1080p around 40fps. AND I somehow got the mod for Mount Panorama working :blush: much happiness


omg what mod for Mt Panorama, source plz


@strop http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/bathurst.8677/

I’m going to try this one as well (Circuit de la Sarthe):


So Bathurst next :wink:

@strop Nice time :slight_smile: I’ll try to make some adjustments to my setup and see if i can get there too


oh shit dude if you beat my time I’ll seriously start scratching my head :joy:


This. I am so down for this.


modded rounds next?
with these?
:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

first i found a 2.5kHP drift bus. now i found a racing lawn mower. i also found a racing Lada


that drift bus is one of my favourite things now. But forget taking it around Mt Panorama hahahahahahaha


but then i found this


i may have found something that topped the drift bus.


wanna race this next round anyone?



I’ve been absolutely ragging this AMG 190E Evo 2 DTM machine around Mt Panorama… god it’s fun. It’s a right hoot, it’s so fucking fun.


I’m dying, the formula DS car :joy:

My biggest problem with that is, the damn thing broke the speed of sound multiple times in that lap, even getting to like Mach 3.3 on the straight. So where’s all the sonic booms? :joy:


okay i give up.

how do you control the replay scene with your mouse when you’re using mouse control?

because when i replay stuff. my cursor won’t click on anything, and is invisible. i can’t record anything


Yeah, use the keyboard shortcuts in this case. To go to next lap marker hit Ctrl + N. To cycle through markers, hit Ctrl + P. To Fast Forward, Ctrl + F. Fast Rewind, Ctrl + R. And to play in slow motion, Ctrl + S (toggles play slow-mo on/off).

Until I knew that replays were an exercise in frustration to me!


but i still can’t hide the HUD shit…