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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


Ctrl + H.



Alt + F4 to telepathically execute any command you wish :wink:


okay then. 1 more try. and we’ll move on. and i have an interesting idea that will make all the field equal.

and also yeah. i’m still trying to decide if a i wanna go with a mod track next.


Mt Panorama is well wicked, the braking point from Skyline is a real killer!


mod link please? i have the skyline though.

the R34 v-spec one. the R33 one. the Nismo 400R one. or the original C10 Skyline.



Skyline is a corner on the circuit man :stuck_out_tongue:


right. ready for the next round?


Sure, I guess. Go ahead and post :innocent:


right this time we’re not going to do a hotlap. nobody said it’s strictly a hotlap challenge right?
bur rather

#Bracket Racing & Tire Management Practice

before you went on. yes i know it’s a field usually only for drag racing. but it is also a practice done by almost all if not all racing drivers, if my source of info is correct.

for those of you who don’t know. what am i actually talking about?

here’s the short one.

Instead of going as fast as possible to make the fastest lap time. you’re going to aim to make your laptime to be as close as possible to a set target time
this means you don’t go all out at all. this practice is usually for learning better control of your car, and your car’s behaviour.

so here’s the circumstances. i’m going to make the field as equal as possible, to eliminate other factors aside from skill, with exception to wheel users.

with your requests. the track used will the the Bathurst track mod.

Download Link : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/bathurst.8677/

the car used will be the JDM Nissan 180SX Type-X

Download Link : http://assettocorsa.club/mods/auto/nissan-180sx-type-x.html

Circumstances :

Driving Realism :

Stability control for non wheel users allowed up to 50%
Tyre Blankets are allowed, although they won’t change much since the tyres won’t be warm enough unless you push it, which is not the goal of this challenge.
Car Tuning : stock setting only. no Tuning allowed except for Tyre pressure and fuel (i did say equal field)
Tyre Type : Street 90s
(i’m using it for a reason which is, it wears out like a bitch in heat when pushed, they make no screeching sound, so it’s hard to tell when it’s sliding or not until it’s a somewhat big slide. both make a good practice limitation. we have yet to race on worn tires have we?)

##Target time : 2:58.000 ± 2 secs over 3 laps minimum
so that means that you have to make your lap time within up to 2 secs faster OR slower than 2:58 for 3 consecutive lap minimum, the longer the better.

btw since this is the first round using mods. please say something if the mod doesn’t work for you


ok I get the spirit of the challenge…

…but wouldn’t you have to enforce running with the HUD off? Otherwise one could just go all out for the most part and then sort of slow down after that. I guess I haven’t actually tried doing this over at least 3 laps… so let’s see what happens.


yeah. at least turn the performance delta one off is okay, or even maybe encouraged. but we have a few amateurs here too.

the way you’re doing is not possible. well maybe for 3 laps it is. but on the 4th lap, you’re gonna lose too much grip because, as i said. the tires wear down stupid fast when you push it.

yeah not that i just did an endurance. 2:58 for 3 laps is really not pushing it. needs to be either 2:58 for 6 laps or 2:55 for 3 laps. that aside

that tire wear

but yeah. it’s somewhat easy-ish?
i managed to get 7 laps quite close to 2:58 before running out of fuel


Ok so I’ll basically try to maintain 2:58 for as long as possible. Can I use more fuel?

Also I never run with tyre wear it performance delta :joy: I got used to feeling it based on the car behaviour so I guess this will be right up my alley


yeah. i ran that endurance-ish with 25L

tyre pressure and fuel carried are the 2 only things i’m allowing you to change


p.s. which stage tune are you wanting us to use exactly? The stock standard type X?


yup. because that car is so forgiving. and the other trims are… stupid hard


Not gonna lie…

…I was cruising so hard I still had to back off on the throttle a lot at the end of each lap. The first lap was sort of a warmup because I’d never driven the car so I didn’t know its pace. Then I ran out of fuel, maybe I need more in the tank, but I honestly feel like the tyres (the street 90s) weren’t even fading. I mean it has so little power that you don’t even need any TC or ESC.

On lap 7 I thought maybe it was starting to get away from me a little so I just made my lines a little tighter through the back end, but turns out I was wrong.


okay then. maybe instead of just setting up 1 time target, set a few times and let people choose?

like yeah i’m also backing a bit with 2:58. but not much

and you seem to have a much harder time holding back so maybe try 2:55 as a target?


Oh, it’s very soothing but it’s also very boring :stuck_out_tongue: I mean I pretty much proved I could do it all day until I ran out of fuel. Maybe let’s see how many laps I can get done on 2:55, that’d be more of a challenge. Even 2:54. Then it’d start getting a bit tight.

(Fastest time possible on fresh street 90s tyres would be somewhere in the 2:49s, as far as I know).


okay then. let’s see here

target times 2:58, 2:55, or 2:52?
i’m gonna try 2:55


I reckon I might manage 5 laps on 2:52 and then the tyres will shit themselves.

Results tomorrow! (probably)