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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


Why not run slick soft for this round?


Yeah, YouTube compression. Even when I upload at native resolution (1920pp… I uploaded 4Gb once, took ages coz Australian internet isn’t THAT fast), it’s shit anyway, thanks YouTube. I think the compression due to massive resolution makes the text almost unreadable. Sozs!

I found that the car had some waste rpm, and that times improved slightly when I shifted a bit earlier.

Since RWD with front engine, gear braking helps since the brakes aren’t especially strong, so downshifting early and more = better braking.

It would probably be faster but I simply couldn’t be bothered changing the settings. Was just a test run.


yes it is. but usually it really just throws away the rear end. so i’m likely to lose control


Should probably add that I only gear brake in a straight line.

Kicking the rear end out due to torque surge from declutching during a corner is a Tsuchiya approved drift technique :joy:


TIL. that i didn’t know


Went on slick softs, dropped the amount of fuel, fiddled with the toe-in a bit (better turn-in, less stability). Grew some balls and went flat out in sections I would normally think to lift.

Things definitely did get a bit squirrelly but I did manage a 6:48.945. Then I forgot to save the replay :joy: Probably if I had a bit more throttle discipline in the more technical corners I could knock a few more tenths off that, since there were definitely periods of undesirable sideways action. But there’s nothing quite like hurtling 100% at the limit while being able to see sweet fuck all where you’re going!


Jesus christ best I managed was like a 7:25


I’ve definitely done more than 1000 laps of this track across multiple sims, I could probably describe all the corners from memory :joy:


fuck. 7:45. i really have no experience with this track. going to have to clock lots of laps with some other cars first


Damn, this thing goes like a slot car. Was a bit more disciplined and managed to knock it down to 6:47 flat, but did dip a coupla wheels off the course pushing wide, fortunately not major errors. I think maybe I could get another 0.5-1s off it if I ran a perfect lap but screw that, I’m not a race driver and I’m starting to crash out now.

A cabin video will substantiate this post later this week.


7:24. a dirty 7:24. but still a 724


could you pick the next track and car then? :slight_smile:


Anyone have any feeling as to what they want? Soon as I upload the video I’ll do it.

Here is video of 6:47

Now, as for my suggestion

#Hire Ferrari Track Day BRO @ Nurburgring GP

don’t tell the hire company

It’s a beautiful day in Nurburg: 23 degrees at noon and the track conditions are optimal. Just as well, you planned this for a long time coming, and even though 458s are now a staple of prestige and performance hire companies, they still don’t come cheap. So you’ve dropped several months of savings on this trip and have scored yourself a 458. You (don’t) read through the contract (because you know that it waives your indemnity if you take it on the track, and that’s precisely what everybody does, and precisely what you’re going to do, just like everybody else).

The downside of this plan is that you don’t exactly have an optimised Track Ferrari. You have a 458 on Road Tyres, with no tyre blankets. What you can alter, however, is how much fuel you have, and what pressure your tyres are. And how much of a hero you want to be is entirely up to you. Have all the nanny assists on, or let the hair out a bit and turn them down… or just go crazy and go RACE mode, it’s all at the twist of your dials.

Just don’t bin it, a Ferrari is a Ferrari and the repair bill will be massive.

Hint: on default settings and road tyres you may be able to get down to a 2:14-2:15. The 458 may be very responsive but it’s also not very light and carries all of the handling foibles of an MR supercar, so watch that snap oversteer on the power.


Did the 458 around the Nurburgring GP in 2:25.990. I didn’t have the snap oversteer problem, loved the car going out of a corner, but goddamn, getting that beast to turn in feels like a hopeless effort, the front wheels just want to do their own thing, annoying on a circuit as technical as this. Dropped the tyre pressure, but that also dropped my lap times due to more oversteer. I also now seem to have a hate/hate relationship with the first corner of that track.


Yes, under equal conditions, the front tyres feel like they have no grip, even when after 4 laps the tyres are warmed up. I ended up using deliberate power oversteer to get the tail around to make up for the deficiency in the nose :joy:

No freaking clue how I managed 2:15, will double check I was using the right tyres!!!


best i have done.

you’re better off increasing the front tire pressure. it works better… plus, this car is one of those, “the more you push it, the more you can push it more” type.

slightly better


Absolutely, I tried a run where I really preserved the tyres and kept the TC on level 1 until the tyres heated up. No point, the front end just ended up feeling really floaty and the rear didn’t have any additional traction. Only got to 2:18.


you’re really getting on everyone’s nerves you know that?

“oh you know, i wasn’t pushing too hard. i only got 2:18” :angry:

i’m pushing all i can and getting a 2:20… btw tire wear is on right?


Everybody’s, or just yours?

Sorry if I appear like I’m humble-bragging. That’s not the intention. I’m pretty sure if other players like Der Bayer were more regular on this challenge you’d have more than just me being on average faster, but I’ve already explained I’ve spent like 928467359875 more hours on driving sims with more sensitive controls and better equipment. So don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way, I don’t mean to be condescending or anything.

Also if I were to attempt, say, the LFS leagues, I’m pretty sure I’d get thoroughly spanked, so I do kinda get where your irritation comes from.

When I say “only 2:18”, I don’t mean “oh, you’re soooooo slow”. I mean, somehow, I managed to get a 2:15 on (what I think) were road tyres the first time I tried, and that was me not paying attention to preserving anything, yet when I tried preserving things to make an “optimal run”, I was 3 seconds slower at best. So the whole point of that post was saying that I learnt something from what you wrote and it wasn’t just me wondering about that.

Finally, I never turn tyre wear off.


nononono. you’re not humble bragging. i’m just salty i can’t get faster than 2:20.
it’s me, not you :stuck_out_tongue: