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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


well, that’s part of why I try to share all my vids, hopefully it sheds a bit of insight into corner speeds and driving style and all that. Also mouse driving is hella counter-intuitive, I actually practiced for years on Midtown Madness (an exercise in maximum frustration) before it started making sense. So honestly when you literally pick it up last week and you’re 2 seconds off, that’s actually pretty fucking fast.

This weekend I’ll go back and check I didn’t do a dodgy with that 2:15 time by trying to replicate it.


i’m getting there… slowly… (also after turning the tyre wear off)


Jesus, I’m over 10 seconds slower. Well, my driving is also absolutely terrible.


Nah, you would probably do pretty well, not top 3 maybe, but somewhere in mid-to-high pack :slight_smile: unless you burn the tires all too soon.

I have to test this one, although my experience with sim-driving MR cars is not what it should be.


No, I do not think so. Racing in leagues demands consistency and concentration, not just outright speed. A lot of mistakes are made, a lot of unnecessary tire wear, etc etc etc.


i agree. look at my hotlap times? yeah… 2:18. after like 3-4 of dirty laps. i could be consistent with about 2:20-2:21 though.


After 10-15 laps in a row they’ll become clean laps. You learn the track whether you like it or not. Only the learning pace depends on your will to learn and understanding your mistakes.


i may have done about that much already though. just barely have any experience with proper simulation racing games. and i also have got to the point that i deliberately use lift-off oversteer in some corners to fix my line.


That’s also the thing. Actually I’m getting better at preserving tyres and responding to tyre condition now, but before that, I used to be very much a “push it right to the limit and frequently over” hot lapper. I do have a number of places on outright leaderboards from sheer ballsiness but am very unused to the art of racing room :joy:


cut another .4s


lol fuck I think I was using the wrong tyres the first time around. I’m really sorry if that’s true :joy:

Coz I went back and had another shot and I can only manage 2:17s! Given my best ever time on this course is 2:14, and that was presumably on semi-slicks, I can’t think of many other explanations.

I’ll verify this in the coming 2 days.


So, what this Ferrari want to go fast is… an experienced driver who pretends he is a complete tool behind the wheel. Best freaking combo ever. The thing does not respond well to driving clean. 5 laps down, 2:19.7. Will try again


So true it’s baffling. Why is it so understeery off the throttle!?!?!?


Hmmm… strange, I found it understeery ON the throttle. I mean not on “mashing the pedal” which naturally makes it go sideways, but on mid corner as I set into my exit trajectory I gradually apply the pressure and the thing just goes wide as hell. If I give it more - it spins, if less it understeers. And it seems like with the MR setup there is no actual middle ground where it just grips. Tire pressures do not make it any better. It’s a weird car.


It literally doesn’t behave like you’d expect any car of any drivetrain config to, it’s so weird


Finally, damn, I really had to watch the tyre temps on this one. The road tyres are very difficult to warm up properly so judicious amounts of power oversteer are required to keep everything balanced, strangely enough.

Managed a 2:16.8. I can’t post a video yet as my sister just dumped a buttload of photos on my hard drive and I no longer have enough space to make a FRAPS of it until I figure out what to do next.


huh. weird i was late braking into about a quarter way to the corner, lift off the brake, so at this point i’m sort of taking advantage of snap lift off oversteer but on braking (kinda weird. but it worked for me), which is hard, and which is also why have lots of dirty laps :joy:


Ok. 2:16.4. That’s enough from me. Video will be appended to this post tomorrow!

Would anybody else like to suggest another combination if they’re ready to move on?

p.s. tyre indicator is frozen, but that’s about where I had the levels at.


I found a few more semidecent mods but they’re not great. Don’t have any ideas for another round. Anyone else?


Drift maybe?