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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


No idea how to judge it except how sick the video replay is. Do you mind me using minimal driving aids depending on the car if I use mouse?


Ehm… walltap… competition? I dunno


oh god no… drift. okay. but i don’t have THAT much control… i just learned mouse control too…

i have lots of car mods. but i don’t have much tracks that would go along with each of it nicely


How about making it simple, drift track, and BMW E30 drift, in drift mode, whoever gets the highest points?


There hasn’t been a drift challenge on this thread before, if I am not mistaken. So it would seem like the logical next step after many consecutive time trials.


there’s drift mode? wut.

we totally should do it in a japanese downhill track then.


So you’re ok with the deathtrap that is Akina downhill drift, but you aren’t ok with a closed off circuit designed for walltap practice?


I dunno about walltap practice, I mean it’s good practice but I don’t know if I have the patience :stuck_out_tongue:

That said it’ll probably help us all get on the level with stuff so that should be a warmup.


Hahaha. I mean. On the open track i might do some good ones, but sucks generally. But on akina. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha fuck it. I’m never gonna succeed anyway

(edit: nope nevermind i just tried it. never made it even quarter way through :joy: )


Which is why I recommend the drift track and the e30 to start off. The track has all sorts of corners and the car can handle the track.


Sounds good to me


So, I guess I will start with an easy pitch?
E30, any settings go (drifting is something that should not be limited)
Drift track, no specific course, totally free game.

This is my score till the tire blew up



i thought i did somewhat meh…

10568 score and only 3 combo


I know I can do better

yep, easy


wait… which e30???


Regular e30, switched to drift spec, naturally… :smiley: as in not the one @ramthecowy is using


:joy: Aren’t I great at reading. Off I go again!


Haha you managed that with the non drift E30, hats off to you.

Well ok then why not it’s about how well I can chain shit.


Oh, this is not too bad at all

I clipped a little bit of the corner at the end so lost a 4k chain… I’m coming for you squidy :wink: 30k should be no problem


The practice drift course has a corner for every speed in the first three gears, so I probably had an easier time than most.

I too got greedy and dropped a big chain. Time is not an issue, it’s managing the deteriorating tyres when you eventually do bank points, and hopefully you have enough to reach the next level. My first chain was 17k points, lel.

Next time I’ll do something challenging like Highlands Drift or something, I dunno.