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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


Training for VDC is challenging :wink:

In any case, I’ll make sure to pop up and dropkick your score later today :wink:


I have every confidence you could do that. I probably won’t reattempt because I was actually starting to get bored because the rears were mad overheating and I couldn’t get any speed around the corners as a result :joy:

But with this car I reckon you could eke out a score of 70k if you didn’t go super ham on the throttle from the get-go.


My poor 30k :frowning: I think I’ll just give up


The problem for me is - I am very used to running extremely grippy setups. Like semi slicks at 15psi, softest rear suspension, maximizing rear grip by camber settings etc. It’s the only way to keep up online. If I run this setup for more than 3 laps - my tire explodes, so I must run less grippy more rigid tires. It takes getting used to.


Yeah, Formula D it ain’t in AC.

Also the scoring is very forgiving in AC in that you don’t really have a minimum speed to drift as long as the angle and wheelspin is there. Hence the extremely tight bends where you can just go around in first. The points aren’t great but for a change of pace it makes combos VERY easy.

It’s more of a gymkhana/autocross in spots.


I prefer 3rd gear transition myself around the track and then go through the long right hander near the pit wall for some long slide points.


Well that drift gets you heaps more points for sure, I certainly didn’t rack up my score by pootling around in first the whole time :wink:


fuck me in the ass until i get it


I shall pass… but thank you for your kind offer. In any case I found out how long the street tires last, although that’s 2 chains, not 1, so the score could be higher if it were done in 1 chain.

Anybody needs any pointers?


Yes please :gib:


Show me some of your driving, I can tell you if you’re doing it wrong


This’ll do for now. I never thought a video game would actually make me sweat, but drifting in A:C sure as shit does.


Yes it does. And you (probably) have no idea on the process your body goes through during a drift day :smiley:
Also pretty good results here. Wondering if it’s tire limited or timer


Well for one. My lap time is > 1minutes. Meanwhile you guys are doing 40ish sec per lap

latest attempt


I don’t think the laptimes are something you should care about. Everyone’s taking a different course, I think


Yeah squidhead’s obviously taking the outside course because he likes the high speed bends. For my part I just did whatever the hell I felt like with no real structure or intent. But maybe I could see what happens if I tried the outside course too.


My course is
Out of the pits, take the horseshoe on the right after a short straight, exit into a slow 180 degree bend right, accelerate with 2 transitions into the right hand sweeping bend that leads you right to the middle of the pit wall, and it takes you right to the exit of the pits, a quick transition on the brakes and take the horseshoe once again. Rinse repeat


You should plot out some courses for us to practice. I’ll try visualising this one and see how I do.


Would that help?


well i wasn’t expecting that kind of video. but damn… a smooth drift around the whole track…