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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


I was lazy to get fraps and then compress the video, so I just plugged the GoPro in


Chieftec case, nice. I have the full tower “Mesh” model, in dark blue.


Im guessing it’s vintage by now


Oh yes, 6x 5.25", 2x 3.5" external, 8x 3.5" internal.

But works very nice.

Would like to have enough money to buy a CaseLabs STH10.
But € 880 just for the case is a bit steep.:astonished:



Probably the most intense thing I have done in Assetto Corsa

Also, this is my 4th ever attempt at actual drifting in AC so I am quite pleased with myself, but I expect someone is going to fly by me into the 80K’s or 90K’s.


I’mma let this one go by me, probably, as I’m investing time elsewhere after that first run, but nice!



i can’t even reach 20k?!?!?!?!


Oh cmon with mouse control you should be able to easily hit 30k


no. seriously. i can’t. what am i doing wrong??


You’re not posting a video of your driving for starters XD


At some point I should release a video of my run, but I will admit there were a few fuck ups like me tapping the pit wall after I got cocky and tried to get as close as possible to it


i wish i could but for last like 2 weeks, all recording software decided to stop working and i dunno why

OBS: choppy AF video
DXTory : wont detect any game/program
ReLive : just plain won’t start recording without any error message

except maybe window’s stock recording program. i just remembered that as i’m typing this


Been a week, I suppose it’s time to post a new challenge to keep things going

30L of fuel and stuff, the usual

Ram & I have tried this a few times already, quite a fun little track coupled with the Elise.

This is my best session thus far:


I’ll have to give it a go some other time as I have exams for the next 3 days before the weekend.


tyre blankets and which compound? Also, which settings are we allowed to change or not?


Whatever helps you go fastest, I don’t particularly care :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i wonder why mine is blue instead of yellow

after a few dozen too many laps

another session

3rd session

i’m becoming steadily quick. but not very quick…


You mean the car? You can change the colour of it when you select it.
Also a full second faster nearly, damn, I’m doing something wrong clearly.


lol for some reason I thought people were doing low 57s, so I fought against the power understeer quite hard and managed this:

Basically, tuned everything towards oversteering with a tyre grip bias towards the front right tyre. Helps get the nose in on the long sweeping corners a bit better, trying desperately to keep the countersteering almost neutral with the ass end almost steering itself under full throttle. I’m literally handbrake drifting around the hairpin though.


12 days! Any new takers? Or a different round? Or take a break?