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Assetto Corsa: Challenge Leaderboard - NEW ROUND!


If you, or anyone have/has an idea go ahead… I do have one but want to save it for a later time.


why not now?

If not now, does anybody here have the Praga R1? If not, I’ll think of another car.

EDIT: should I go civilised, zippy, or VERY uncivilised?


I need to practice the track some more :stuck_out_tongue:

I do.

Any, I don’t mind lol


Ok. I got a doozy lined up.

Track is Highlands (the regular layout.) Ambient temp is 24C. You must use vintage tyres. Other than that, you can set up any which way you like. I’m personally using no driving aids whatsoever, including no ABS, which is the only way to drive an F40, but goddamn does it make this a screaming handful. You’ll be opposite locking in places where you thought none should exist.

This was the first clean lap I put in, after spinning out or binning it about 30 times.


Okay, here’s the real target:

Took me like another 50 attempts haha, most often I didn’t even get past the start line.

“I don’t care if the door panels are straight, when the driver steps on the gas pedal I want him to shit his pants,” was Enzo Ferrari’s direction.

I reckon if I did a lap like this in real life, I’d be shitting my pants too. Doing the opposite lock dance under throttle at speeds of up to 120mph with bollards everywhere goes well beyond my idea of fun and and going somewhere into “holy fuck”.

Ok I think I fucked up the settings, the resolution is absolutely horrendous. Sorry.


not as bad as the RUF or the Cobra. but still hard. to corner fast, you have to be on the throttle. but to be on the throttle means you have to somehow deal with the turbo lag


The RUF was damn hairy, yes. But can you say this isn’t as hard as the Cobra when you try shaving 6s off your time? :joy:


well that was already quite a bit from my first clean lap @ 2:55 i think? it was somewhere from the 2:high-50.

gonna try again later… maybe


Meanwhile I’ll actually compare it to doing a lap in the Yellowbird and the Cobra!

EDIT: ok, yes, you’re right, if the F40 is a handful, the RUF Yellowbird, at least on 100% BOOOOOSCHT, is completely off the chain. Would need to drive with wheel and pedals, because I rapidly overheated the tyres sliding the rear out on just about every single corner. Highly doubt I’ll be able to beat the F40 time. Video to follow.

The only advantage of using an RR car is that they’re easier to control in power oversteer. However they’re also twice as hard to control under braking, as you’ll well see in the coming video!

Time in this car is a 2:43.002

I’m so salty right now, I uploaded it in HD format (3.5gb of upload later), and it still won’t let me adjust quality higher than 480pp. Might as well zip the damn thing, what the hell. Anyway, much much sideways. Unfortunately this was my best lap after about 50 tries and I tapped a barrier on the final corner, but it was 100% aggression to the point of badly overheating tyres in the last sector. The vintage tyres can not handle the full 1.4 bar.

EDIT 2: tried it in the Cobra. The Cobra is limited by top speed, due to a rather un-aerodynamic state, but being FR it’s actually a bit easier to control, particularly as I don’t have to work so hard to catch the oversteer. As a result it actually comes out much faster from the slow and medium speed corners, so I think I got somewhere in the 2:41s.



new round.

since i just got a new motivation to play games again now
(got a graphic card and now i won’t need to play everything in low setting and getting only 24fps again)

AE86 @ Silverstone National

no rules. just go as fast as you can on it.

my run


DLC, though.


owh right… i forgot about that…

uhhhh. well what spurred me to do it was seeing someone that did a 1:17.162 on it. so i just wanted to match his time. on my own. but then ram asks me for a challenge. so i say, try doing what i’m trying to do. and strop was like, imma try this too… so i just think… might as well… :joy:

i completely forgot how it’s a dlc car…




Doing it on the mouse doesn’t make for the smoothest driving but it’s pretty close to what I can get out of it I reckon.


not really relevant enough. but just want to share