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Assoluto Automobili S.p.A (2004 Fatalita)


Hey, Ferrari Assoluto, are we going to get an F50?


Jesus christ that’s beautiful.


Two generations of Crinale… Major want. I could imagine the whole lineup, including the historic models, tearing around Seaside Route 765 (first introduced in the original Ridge Racer) at incredible speeds…

What about the other manufacturers from the series, like Danver (American), Kamata (Japanese) and Himmel (German)? I would like to see those as well, to give Assoluto some real competition!

@titleguy1 I can sense a comparison test between the Raggio and Fatalita coming up soon…


If it makes you feel better, Soldat is finalizing the design of the 2016 Raggio.


Yeahhh sorry about the Crinale lol


well damn how did i only find this now? those designs are epic



The next generation Infinito is the latest in a long venerable line of super grand tourers. For 2014, the car is equipped with a 720 HP V12 and Assoluto’s F1 derived dual clutch transmission in addition to intensive aerodynamics tuning for maximum performance on the track. Do not think of it as some overpriced track day special however, Assoluto believes a GT car must have no weaknesses, and that means delivering hypercar shattering performance while maintaining a dignified aura. It is expected to battle cars such as the Dimension Hypero V12 and the Erin Scarlet X

Engine & Transmission

Engine: 6.5 liter 60 degree V12 48 valve DOHC Magnesium Block with Aluminum heads and Direct Injection
Bore x Stroke: 88.7 X 87.6
Compression: 11.6:1
Weight: 280 kg
Redline: 8500 RPM
Power: 720 HP @ 7900 RPM
Torque: 668 NM @ 6800 RPM
Transmission: ZF 7 Speed F1 Dual Clutch Automated Manual with Electronic Differential


Length: 4600mm
Curb Weight: 1573 kg
Tires: F 275mm R 275 Pirelli P Zero Corsa High Performance Tires
Brakes: 4 piston 350mm R 2 Piston 285mm Brembo Vented Disc
Material: Aluminum Monocoque with Carbon Fiber Body Panels
Layout: Front Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive

Performance Statistics

Power to Weight: 457 HP Per Tonne
0-60: 3.9
Top Speed: 200 MPH
1/4 mile: 11.22 @ 139 MPH
250m Cornering: 1.33 G @ 127.8 MPH
60-0: 90 ft
Nordeschleife: 7:23.79
MRLS: 1:35.35
Automation TT: 2:01.46

The car went on sale for a price of $160,000


Why has nobody sniggered and made intations to gutter humour about the name of the company? This whole company thread is hilarious I can’t stop giggling.

I want to reference it in lore so bad, would be great comedy.


I dont get it


Depending on what you don’t get, I’m just picking the lowest hanging fruit possible and focusing on the “ass” in assolouto, just as I get a giggle every time from saying “Arseto Corsa” :joy:

But the whole Ferrari knock off and VG reference crossover is also pretty funny if you consider just how damn antsy Ferrari is about their brand image.

That said apparently there is such a thing as an “Assolouto Racing” mobile Game, with real licensed Cara. Have not played it.


That is a serious piece of kit… I can sense yet another comparison test coming.


It’s honestly not that bad, very very similar to Gran Turismo but not as developed. Still in need of a good balancing. For being a free game with pay-if-you-will ideals, it’s not bad at all.


Comedy Gold™ :+1:


You’re on :sunglasses:
Fo’ real tho, I have considered the idea of a V12 Scarlet…


Damn. The Vencedor Speed 5 will definitely end up being too slow for this and the Speed 10 a tad too hardcore. Great car though. :thumbsup:


IDK what else to make anymore. What would you guys like to see be translated into Assoluto fashion?

  • F50
  • Enzo
  • F80
  • 288 GTO
  • 308 GTB
  • 512 Testarossa

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F80? Wait what? Did I miss something?
And my answer would be 612 Scaglietti or Daytona :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the Scaglietti, any chance that could come in the future @Deskyx


A concept car I believe.


Indeed the F80 was just a design study. French wikipedia: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrari_F80_Concept