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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


It won’t be that fun with group B rally… even with the year set at 1986, there is no way we’ll be making enough power to make it that exciting.


It would be nice if we had super chargers
And I like the idea of min weight being based off of engine displacement

Which those restrictions are probably not limited to rally b, but that’s where I got that idea like
2.0l 800kg min weight
3.0l 900kg min weight
4.0l 1000kg min weight


I will adopt that thought. We try Xourys ideas next season.
After that, I would like to try out my concept I developed for 66 and we will see what makes most fun.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! I am now doing the excel table and the races will start.


I can feel my car starting

Starting to lose


Same here, I dont think my car is that good


Doesn’t ever hurt to try… you too Sillyducky, don’t ever pull out! Officer’s orders! NEVER PULL OUT!


Dont worry, I think ive set up a good car for the next season…i think


To make it clear: There are no shit cars in my opinion.
We have good cars, and, well, even better cars.


As for the safety, what do you think about having a set safety rating as oppose to a specific interior?


I am giving to stay on but I think I could have got up to 100 more kW of pretty out of it. Let’s just hope the great cornering will make up for it


NO! Advanced safety in all cars and that’s it.


That would limit the older bodies, MR and RR choices, alu and fiber panels. those all have negative effect on safety. With specific safety equipment, it’s all even.


That’s what I was thinking about


I’ve managed to completely miss this season! Then again, my car needs some serious improving. Time to start work on the '64 entrant…


It could be set up to be either a minimum safety or if you can’t reach that or don’t want to bother with it just have advanced safety and sport interior


@Xoury this was what I meant. If we just stick with advanced safety in which ever body we like it’s a lot more fun. The ATC is the one “do as you like” championship


well you could still do as you want and it would also cause you to make some compromises if you want to use a mid engine car or a smaller car.


Exactly, it gives you more flexibility in what you can do if you can get a design safe enough without the use of advanced safety, if you allow that as an option so,
Use adavanced safety, or have a safety above a threshold


That could work :slight_smile: you just need to make few test cars first to find sth close to balance.


Part of this is that it would give me an incentive to use newer bodies instead of running the same car more or less