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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


Oh that’s just temporary problem because no good bodies are available. Soon we will get to the point where the body you are using won’t be op any more.
But still I support your idea of having a choice.


While doing races, I followed that discussion. My problem is that users of the stable version get different scores and can not meet the requirements properly if I say “minimum safety 40,5” , but yeah, I think twice about it.

Currently I am in Monaco and watch the race. From the start off, Jericho and Smooth have a battle, and the Smooth did as they announced and overtook the triple champion Jericho. But the Smooth team boss is angry anyway, because the Spool is much faster. Spool, the brand that always went for a trophy is the big surprise of this season!. Really? NO! IT IS GAMMA!!! GAMMA OVERTAKES THE JERICHO IN LAP 6!
Who is at the end of the field? The Calavera, that can not keep up with all others, the second-last is the race taxi that desperately tries to find a way to overtake the petoskey that is just a very little distance in front. CMT is again in the middle, defending against VPower. They point to a red saloon, the Fireball. CMT gave up the Autobahn as they thought fourdoors would be a bad idea. Now there is a very similar one much faster than the CMT Avus sports car… although Fireball not just managed to be even faster than the Autobahn, but also even uglier.
We are so excited that this season finally breaks off all expectations and becomes COMPLETELY different. The Gamma even bet the Smooth later in the race, overtaking in the last lap and last corner before the finish line. Dear god!

Results Monaco:

  1. Spool 119,2 10P
  2. Gamma 122,50 8P
  3. Smooth 122,59 6,5P
  4. Fireball 123,04 5P
  5. Jericho 123,07 4P
  6. FFM 123,51 3P
  7. CMT 126,39 2P
  8. VPower 126,63 1P
  9. DMA 127,68
  10. Bogliq 127,75
  11. Storm 129,62
  12. SME 130,14
  13. Flyer 130,33
  14. Racey 131,68
  15. JHW 133,43
  16. Petoskey 134,41
  17. Taxi 134,64
  18. Calavera 146,70

So. I am shocked. Just take that appetizer and get a bottle of whisky (or better).
The rest of the year 1962 is coming in an hour.


Oh boy I was blinded by the idea to beat Jericho at his own game and missed the fact there is a better body available. Good for the competition indeed!


Ohh yeah, 17th place :joy:


Wait what? An entry by Sillyworld or mine? My company is Cavallera… @CMT


really? :smile:


3,30s to Spool??? That’s a lot!
0,09s to Smooth??? That’s too little!
And we have done our best track car ever. Really anxious about the next races…


my 4x4 cars always struggle at Monaco.


I think that my time tome got worse on monaco this year, or at least very close to last season

Hopefully going for higher top speed will have better results on the next ones


Race 2: Daytona

Yep, this time not on the legendary Indy, but on the Daytona Tri-Oval to try out something different. Now the engine power counts, but also (if not even the most) the cornering at high speeds. Is the Spool’s victory an one-hit-wonder? NO! Its again on first position, followed by the Gamma that became so good that it’s almost a nightmare for the competitors. How bad for Smooth! The Fireball is even faster than it, and the Jericho team can’t believe it. We see an outstanding performance from the Flyer that improves a lot compared to Monaco. FFM once again underlines that they have learned a lot from the last two seasons, as their cars became better and better and now can even keep up with the best. CMT is very disappointed. The first time not getting points. CMT officials consider leaving ATC…

Results Daytona:

  1. Spool 67,44 20P
  2. Gamma 69,50 16P
  3. Fireball 70,20 11,5P
  4. Smooth 70,33 11,5P
  5. Jericho 70,83 8P
  6. Flyer 71,79 3P
  7. FFM 71,92 5P
  8. VPower 72,10 2P
  9. CMT 72,55 2P
  10. Storm 73,84
  11. Bogliq 75,52
  12. SME 75,88
  13. Racey 75,97
  14. JHW 76,25
  15. DMA 76,34
  16. Petoskey 78,59
  17. Taxi 78,99
  18. Calavera 82,93

We are still not leaving the USA, as we go back to our legendary drag strip. Well, that’s all we need to say.
You can’t see anything because of that tire smoke, and it smells terribly on the track, as an hornet had stung in your nose. The times we got, well, they change our tables a little. The Jericho is back. Even if it’s not the champion again - it won’t go without a medal, even if it is silver. The winner - well, nobody has bet on that car. A lot of bets were lost today. So nobody actually noticed that Storm succesfully fought for the first ATC point yet. Another brand that used its experience to improve once again.

Results Drag:

  1. FFM 12,33 15P
  2. Jericho 12,56 16P
  3. Spool 12,60 26,5P
  4. Gamma 12,60 22,5P
  5. Smooth 13,19 15,5P
  6. Fireball 13,26 14,5P
  7. VPower 13,84 4P
  8. Storm 13,95 1P
  9. Flyer 13,99 4P
  10. Bogliq 14,18
  11. CMT 14,19 2P
  12. DMA 14,26
  13. JHW 14,41
  14. Racey 14,63
  15. Petoskey 14,72
  16. SME 15,12
  17. Calavera 15,82
  18. Taxi 15,84


It’s late and I have a presentation with customers tomorrow, so I am sorry that I can post only 1962 results.
It’s so hard with 18 cars! I ll try to do 1963 as fast as I can.


Yeah, I have done a goof here. It’s late… It’s your car.


HAH! I called it! I knew I was gonna come last :joy: not even mad, that’s what you get for a 10 minutes car


Wow, these drag results really are suprising!


lel not for me


Okay, so I definately made the suspension worse after breaking it and trying to fix it


ah, my car, she handles like an elephant on rollerskates


I designed my car with Daytona and the dragstrip in mind, so I’m a bit surprised by how slow the quarter mile was, but satisfied with the results at Daytona.

They point to a red saloon, the Fireball. CMT gave up the Autobahn as
they thought fourdoors would be a bad idea. Now there is a very similar
one much faster than the CMT Avus sports car… although Fireball not
just managed to be even faster than the Autobahn, but also even uglier.

It was called the fireball for a reason… I guess thats what happens when you set the plastic model on fire for a bit before finalizing the design…


Csn you make a text file logging the results of each season and attach it to the first post?


The data on my old car just crashed, it simple disappeared from the game, and even when I imported it back, it just gave error messages and inconsistent times. I had to do a new car. Next time try it, I think easier then trying to fix a broken one.


As in I made a final adjustment that did not seem to revert, so I tried to put it back together, but I’m probably going to try (again) to make a better car with a different body
I think there was a new one from the beta that was better than the one I had been using on the Jericho