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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


Nope, free reign!


After four seasons without accruing any championship points Rowdy Leeroy was in trouble; the marketing department at Bogliq were unhappy with the Coyote’s lack of success and were threatening to pull the plug.

Leeroy Racing couldn’t survive without the racing income as their road cars were limited runs and didn’t make a lot of money. Rowdy was in the midst of brokering a deal where Leeroy cars would be sold from Bogliq dealerships but the profits wouldn’t flow in time to save the company in the short-term. As luck would have it, the Bogliq Bastion was suffering from a lack of profile in the marketplace so racing was seen as a win/win proposition for both companies…

Presenting the 1964 Leeroy Bastion 4000R!!!

Purpose built for the 4K class, this Bastion has had it’s 2.5L I4 lump removed and a 4L V8 put in it’s place. Every bit of extraneous metal has been removed and lightweight polymer panels hung in their place. This Bastion is most definitely not your mum’s grocery getter!

Rowdy Leeroy knew that he’d built a beast of a racecar but he knew that, since the competition shared the same freedom from restriction, this Bastion may turn out to be a pussycat within a field of lions…

Buy better, buy Bogliq


Would buy 10/10
That thing looks amazing


well I decided a 5 seat luxury sedan with a hand crafted interior and racing phonograph powered by a cast iron v12 making 960hp would be a good choice for this round and all of that adds up to being not a single 10th of a kilogram over weight. and after the mild success of our last entry our engineers decided it would be best to use the same look of a melted blob of burnt plastic but this time with a front mounted radiator. It may not be the prettiest but it will at least be noticed, it might not be the fastest but it will be the car that the racers would prefer to be in, and with an engine that big with that much power it will definitely be notable and remembered. This isn’t a race car, its the ultimate vehicular experience that you would never want to leave.


we do things kinda different…


After a disastrous inagural season for 1961 - we seriously underestimated the competition - Erin are returning for the 64/65 seasons with a far safer bet - the Erin Lagana.

Originally a sports racer, the Lagana is typical of early Erin cars in that it’s developed from a racing chassis. While not quite a race car for the road (Erin had worked out that customers did actually appreciate some amenities in their vehicles), it was still very much a performance vehicle. This GTS-R version was the racing version of the Lagana (yes, I know, its confusing: a racing version of road car that was originally a race car) that competed in the International Championship for GT Manafacturers (basically the equivalent of the WEC) in the early and mid 60s.

Under the bonnet is a 346 hp 3.0l V12, mated to a 4 speed manual gearbox and auto-locking differential. Much of the chrome and detailing from the road going version is kept for aesthetic reasons (I mean, it’s got to look good out on the track!).


That is literally the best looking car I’ve seen made out of that body. Damn it, man, you’re too good at styling cars. Perfect lashings of chrome, nice rich blue, classy rims… this thing oozes class.


Looks like a Jag, nice.


@ramthecowy Woh. Thank you for your kind words!

@TheRoadrunner That was certainly one inspiration, high end sports/GT cars of the early 60s (Jag E-Type, Ferrari 250/275 etc)


Quality sliders are free too?

I’ll probably bring Heirloom again, but with a newer engine.


i’m running on the assumption that it’s +7 still. it would seem fairest that way.


Jep, still +7.

Brands Hatch had no finish line, so lap times would have been not clear.
I switched to the old Le Mans layout that took really a lot time so this is why rest of results comes later today.

I provide an engine for the next season for unexperienced entrants like @ramthecowy or those that have no hightech units in their lineup like @BobLoblaw
For those sticking to pushrod engines, there is no minimum weight AND +10 sliders for the engine. You like it, @07CobaltGirl ?

Btw looking at these monsters here, I better build a hearse for season 5.


Then I need to re-submit my car then… I’ve used a SUBSTANTIAL number of sliders! :grin:


Shit happens :smiley:

At least you can use semi slicks. These cars are actually no more road cars so the tire restriction is dumb this season.

Ah I see, time for a first post update


…What?! you never mentioned that earlier… I had to go through all the effort to retune my car for using sport compound and now I’ll have have to go back and tune it for semi-slicks.


Prepare for the first post update in 2 hours right before the rest of the results…

Edit: DONE!
I hope the engine type related quality amount is fair and everyone is ok with it. I appreciate those who use the engineering that was common at this time, and that, well, wasn’t always DOHC-4 valve.


This should be pretty competitive!


1963 has started, and we are still in the USA, now at Bonneville Salt Lake. It’s all about top speed. A very short race, but longer than the drag, of course. To make the event longer, the cars are not running at the same time. The first is the Jericho that makes an impressive run. But well, the Spool destroys all the hope of the Jericho team.
Not too bad, due to all the success they had, many units were sold since 1956 and the name Jericho is still connected with victory.
This time, CMT is not among the strongest and fastest, so again a rather disappointing result, as well for Smooth.
But read yourself.


  1. Fireball 157,58 24,5P
  2. Jericho 159,48 24P
  3. Spool 159,93 33P
  4. Gamma 165,72 27,5P
  5. FFM 167,02 19P
  6. CMT 169,75 5P
  7. Calavera 170,40 2P
  8. JHW 171,58 1P
  9. Flyer 172,66 4P
  10. Racey 174,43
  11. Smooth 178,73 15,5P
  12. Petoskey 182,07
  13. Storm 182,59 1P
  14. SME 183,06
  15. VPower 185,26 4P
  16. Taxi 186,87
  17. Bogliq 188,57
  18. DMA 192,46

Well, @JohnWaldock there is your point again. @ramthecowy can you believe what you just read?

Moving over to Europe again, we try our luck in Silverstone, a modern track the drivers like. Britains are an enthusiastic audience, so the event is sold out. Of course, back on a round course (what is the correct english term?), Calavera and Fireball surely can’t repeat their success, which is mirrored in the bets placed. As that track is a rather fast one, Jericho hopes to make use of their good engine to take home at least the silver trophy. That’s difficult, as Jericho scores baaad. Gamma again a solid entrant, FFM a little bit weak today. The Fireball seems to be the car getting the silver medal in championship. Maybe the best race in the season, as CMT and FFM fight for two points, and there was an incredible duel between Storm and Bogliq, the cars are constantly overtaking themselves, even touching and losing a mirror and getting dents. What a race!


  1. Spool 159,34 43P
  2. Fireball 163,65 32,5P
  3. Smooth 164,00 22P
  4. Gamma 165,72 32,5P
  5. Jericho 166,96 28P
  6. VPower 167,43 7P
  7. CMT 168,26 7P
  8. FFM 168,46 20P
  9. Flyer 171,96 4P
  10. Storm 172,92 1P
  11. Bogliq 172,94
  12. DMA 173,04
  13. SME 175,30
  14. Racey 176,60
  15. JHW 178,53
  16. Taxi 180,51
  17. Petoskey 181,89
  18. Calavera 195,34

Ok, Brands Hatch did not work, the track was under construction.
We managed to get the legendary CIRCUIT DE LA SARTHE, commonly known as Le Mans!
Yep, there is to much focus on speed instead on precisison in this season, but LE MANS! That argument is a winner.
So you need a combination of speed (Le Mans had no chicanes back then) and cornering (there are at least some tricky ones).

Are you wondering that the Spool leads after the first lap? Me neither.
OOOPS! A COLLISION BETWEEN SMOOTH AND CMT! Both cars are unharmed, just superficial damage. That is another legendary duel. In all 20 laps, the Smooth overtakes and gets caught again. Smooth brakes later, drifts on the outside with smoking tires, but the CMT blocks, Smooth accelerates faster on the straight, but CMT has way more top speed and uses slipstream, its always like this.
Top speed is a good word, it’s all the Calavera has got. A promising engine in an unrefined chassis. But it’s their first season, and the engine has proven well in Bonneville.
Maybe they are going for a little help by CMT, as they provide customer engines again, so that the companies can focus on the suspension. CMT surprises with their performance here, even if overall performance was not the best. Between the Flyer and the Storm is a huge gap, an elephant would fit in it.


  1. Spool 260,83 53P
  2. Fireball 267,78 40,5P
  3. Gamma 269,46 39P
  4. Jericho 271,39 34,5P
  5. CMT 275,15 11P
  6. Smooth 275,17 25P
  7. FFM 276,06 22P
  8. VPower 278,60 8P
  9. Flyer 279,92 4P
  10. Storm 288,00 1P
  11. Racey 289,26
  12. JHW 289,80 1P
  13. SME 291,45
  14. Bogliq 292,10
  15. DMA 294,65
  16. Taxi 299,34
  17. Petoskey 300,75
  18. Calavera 306,13 2P


4) JERICHO 34,5P
6) FFM 22P
7) CMT 11P
8) VPower 8P
9) Flyer 4P
10) Calavera 2P
11) Storm and JHW 1P



NO WAY! :fearful:


Two 4th place. Not good compared to '62. :unamused:

Don’t worry, we can wait, so take your time. :wink: