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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


I have build 2 prototypes, 1º - new version of Heirloom with 12" wheels and 235-front 245-rear semi-slick tires and weighting around 1100kg, 2º - a small car with 10" wheels and 195-front/rear semi-slick tires and weighting around 650kg.
The 1º got 1.04g in 20m and 0,96g in 200m cornering, while the 2º got only 0,98g in 20m and 0,90g in 200m. Testing this difference on a equal car (same body and engine) got me around 6s in Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

I only thought about that because a bigger car can fit a bigger engine and bigger tires. But while we advance in time we probably will see this difference disappear, so we could just wait too.

Anyway, I’ll bring Heirloom to fight for podiums again, but this time with a V12 OHV engine.


I see your new car and all I can think of is you are so going dooooown :smiling_imp: 140kg over the weight limit… nope.

I did not spend my time testing different prototypes but instead focused on single car with components I believe are winning combination. After first season quick build and second wnb jerichokillerflop, this one I bet on.


I want to apologize, not really my intention to sound as that. More like in a joking/kidding tone :stuck_out_tongue: but still suggesting to pay attention to the name for the next time.
Obviously you’re going great lengths with your challenge, not lazy at all


Cavallera has entered.


Do we have a deadline? @CMT


20th October


Thanks :slight_smile:


I built a better engine this time, but I suspect it won’t work out. It has too little power and the car weighs too much. Cavallera is scheduled for a rebuild of it’s ATC entry. @CMT thanks for the engine offer, but Cavallera prefers to gain experience designing its own engines so we build expertise and competence in our own company.


Out of curiosity, why would you out of all imaginable names choose one that is to single double letter the same as other players company?

  1. I didn’t :joy:
  2. Sillyworld didn’t mind and even said the confusion would encourage competition


We decided that for the 1964/5 season, we were going to make our car more obnoxious than it already was. The Advanced Aero package is carried over from the previous version of the XLR8R, but we’ve squeezed even-more-power out of the 5 liter racing V8.


Nice cars here. @Sillyworld it’s ok, after the second reading I got your point.
There are some weeks I am actually working 30 hours, but the last ones were actually 50+ (due to driving times, I work as a sales repesentative for highly complex software so that my physical presence is needed by the customers).
When I started ATC, I worked nine to five, constantly 40 hours a week. That was better to handle.
Today and tomorrow are very relaxing days, but yesterday I was busy from 8am to 11pm. That was hard and because of this stress I often neglect some points like spelling companies the right way. I’m not that used to my new job after one month.


Smooth Chomp SR

Under 5l category. Bring it on.


Now that is something people with trypophobia should avoid.


If you see a Chomp in your rear-view mirrors, move over. That headlight arrangement also reminds me of a four-tube rocket launcher!


DOHC engine?
I’m in doubt between a under 7L OHV or a under 5L DOHC…


Very nice, the better quality points system really adds variety under the hood. Best rule change yet.


Nope DAOHC on my every entry so far.


I see. So I’ll probably stay with the OHV, do a nice old-school challenge, since I’m using the same body.


a more period correct shot of the JHW J.B.R.V.

Phat Rubbah