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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


As CMT was very disappointed with the declining results, we made an external team (RoadRocket, Inc.) responsible for the shape of the car. They used a rather uncommon body for CMT habits. The engine was again a developement by CMT, an alloy V12 as that material has become more and more reliable over the years.
The car is light, spartan and fast as hell. Suspension was again tuned by CMT. We want a victory!


This body does so much good work! :smiley:


Sorry for the lack of information, I am ill at the moment and I am staying in the bed. All I do is two hours homeoffice each day and … Well, sleeping.


Hope you get better soon! :smile:


Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon.

@Dorifto_Dorito, so you like rotarys? Are we friends now?


Oh i just realized what ur pic meant


Rotary buddies?


Yeah! Rotary is love, rotary is life!

@Darkshine5, now that you say, it really was a little hard to understand the pic haha


I just never really looked at it before. The rotors crossing over is confusing. I have so much respect for these little things but my little bro is the rotary guy. And from his mouth not mine.
billet rotors and housings are godsends


Today is the first day I without serious headache, so I am working again… I have an important presentation tomorrow and why I tell you that?
Because I am in the hotel in approx. 1 hour and then races start!

  1. Monaco
  2. Le Mans
  3. Monza (long version, I guess)
  4. Salt Lake
  5. Drag
  6. I don’t know yet. I like Green Hell but well, let’s see how long 1-5 have already taken then…


I don’t think GH is a good idea. (at least for me :joy: because I didn’t tune for that track) It takes like a solid minute to run each car around the track, so that’s a lot of time gone right there


My aim for today is at least running 1-3 and presenting results for Monza so that you know where approx. you are in this competition.
I don’t know how healthy I am and maybe I need some early sleep for the first day back in the world again…


it takes like 5 seconds. just hit start, then track stats


I don’t know what kind of supercomputer you’re running because it takes a solid 45 seconds just to finish the calculations so that I can click on the track stats


Actually I have to let the cars finish the lap before seeing any stats…


wew, not good for you two.


Great to read that!

Mine just like yours, but I think is around 30s.


You what?!?! That is quite bad indeed. I do have to wait 5-50 sec for lap to start but than stats available right on.


Well, this is the reason why the results are always late here.
Imagine… lap time … x18 for all cars … x6 for all tracks…

And I didn’t even start because this hotel here makes me mad…
system breakdown, no check-in… well, ok, I drove to a diner and ate all I could because I was so pissed off. And I didn’t want to be angry to the employees, they’re only doing their jobs…
I returned, and well, the card did not work… I got a new one… then I drove into the parking lot and they told me it’s 20 Euros per day. I said, you offer no-cost places in your descriptions. They argumented, these are the ones outside. There are three. THREE! But they do the advertizing that they have free parking lots because they actually have three…

Then, the new card did not work, because the battery of the reader in the door is empty and there is nobody there to fix it. They asked me if I mind not leaving it too often… GNARGH! I AM A SMOKER AND I CANT SMOKE BECAUSE I WOULD NOT GET IN HERE ANYMORE.

I’m ordering a bottle of whisky now. I hope at least the room service manages to get in here.


They should change your room asap, or give you a discount (like free garage, for e.g.), at least.
But it looks like you’re having a bad time. I really wish you better luck. A lot of it.