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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


I don’t know what’s going on here. The last weeks were excellent until the heating in my apartment broke and nobody feels responsible for fixing it… and so I became ill very fast.
But I complain on a high level. There were times when I ate dog food because I was not able to afford human one when I was a law student. Someone betrayed me back then (we wanted to start an own business) and left me with high debts. That is what I call a bad time.


I still need to give you a car
I’ll be home in about 2 hours

I’m sorry to hear about your situation


Thanks to Jack Daniels Honey (mmmmmh, that’s great stuff), I am kind enough to allow that late entry. :smiley:


Yay alcohol


All right, I am now preparing the excel table and starting, I wait for your entrant.
As I have to let each car finish each lap, well, you cant’t be too late, I guess…

And yep, I stand by having a drink. If it happens twice a month and is not ending over the toilet seat, I don’t see anything wrong about it.


I had like 6 varriants of one car with different engines, and none of them really stood out as supreme, so I guess I’m going to have to pick one

I think I’m going to flip a coin between a 3.4l and a 4.0l v12


Mine chugs along for 15 to 20 seconds before coming up with stats for Green Hell… But I’m forcibly restricting Automation to run on just 4 threads. I’m sure I could massively cut that time down if I stopped locking it down, but… I see no reason to let Automation have that many cores or threads to play with.

As for the race, I can be patient.


Coin has decided 7.5l V12



3.4 + 4 =7.5

It may have landed on it’s side

Also Dansky Automotive has decide brakes are no longer a required feature and are only there for the weak


So… again an open curtain for shitty race comments and everything that goes with it here!

As I always start with, we are between the rich and beautiful in Monaco. Rich are the drivers, beautiful the cars. What else?
Long-expected was a successor to the Jericho that came as the Leopard, a car looking very similar to the CMT.
And not to forget Smooth now trying to attack the Jer… ehm, Leopard again. There is not too much input from the USA, as Petoskey and SME have withdrawn. And well, Storm and FFM and also the Flyer Company improved their last cars.
After the start, the Smooth successfully fought for the first place. It is really no surprise that the Leopard is the second one.
The longer the race goes, the clearer it becomes that one of the closest fights in this season will be the one between FFM and Gamma. The CaVALLERA and the Erin are even in a harder fight, but it’s not about so much points here. CMT boss looks very angry, as the CMT is again just in the middle, but the difference to the leading group is very, very small, under 2,5 secs to the Leopard. A surprise is the JHW, the fastest 4x4 truck we have ever seen. That is a beast directly from hell.
But there is no car actually threatening the Smooth. And so, the result is the following:

1: Smooth 115,75s 10P
2: Leopard 118,83s 8P
3: FFM 119,60s 6,5P
4: Gamma 119,75s 5P
5: JHW 120,51s 4P
6: CMT 121,47s 3P
7: Monster 122,54s 2P
8: Bandwagon 124,77s 1P
9: Flyer 125,57s
10: Bogliq 126,09s
11: Erin 127,57s
12: Cavallera 127,68s
13: Storm 128,00s
14: NMI 128,53s



If you want to slow down(for some odd reason) you can simply spin your car around and do a burn out while moving backwards, not a very hard concept to grasp and think of all the weight savings you get without brakes.


I’m improving! Boo-ya!


my 4x4 thats not a 4x4 with the biggest rubber ever works!!!


Hey, I did not forget about this. Currently out of town in Miami for work though…on shitty hotel wifi and a weak laptop, not to mention 13-15 hour work days. When I get back home I will join in again. :wink:


I may have made a version of the same car with a 9.4L engine




Accidentallied 10L in car

It’s still faster amazingly around the test track
Like 2:13:30 ish

It also takes 9s to stop, because brakes are important


It felt so familiar when I read your post. :frowning: :smiley:


Don’t worry, you still have about 5L of wiggle room before you start having to install racing phonographs and hand made interiors to increase weight like I did with my car.