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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


On today’s episode of “A 300hp V12 in 1965 does not equal points”…


but a 400hp v8 does :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering the only thing we changed in the XLR8R is the increase in power, I’d say it’s doing about as expected. Well, I’ll just have to keep in mind for next time that I need to kick the power through the roof and shed some weight.


400hp V8 vs 380hp V12, only 0.15s of difference. Bring it on, @Darkshine5!


What?! I didnt’t come last? What is this?:joy:


I was thinking the same thing with my car!


ahem, mines 330 and i was 4th. weight and rubbah.


Yup, I’m down on power. Like sub-300hp :joy:


awkwardly moves back into the corner


I think my engine made about 600hp with the car weighing 1250 kg or so, it does not want to slow down.

It could have been a 9.5L with ~700ft lbs of torque and 700hp


Turns out I need a lot more power than I have right now just to score a point…


Where’s mine?

Edit NOW


Not so fast, @JohnWaldock, I’m 4th, you’re 5th. Sorry.




I am suprised that 420kg engine was not the worst idea ever

It probably helps having 295mm tires


I think I have around 380-390hp V12 but only 900kg. Oh and I spend some time tuning every possible parameter…


I have 381hp, but 1014.5 kg. Dammit.


116’90" if my entry is allowed, 335kW. :slight_smile:


That’s basically what I had before, but I wanted it to have a higher top speed and actually be able to reach it.
I’m probably going to be working on finding a balance again, but for now,



My car is 1100kg+ and has less than 300hp.

My anus is prepared.