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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


how much displacement?


5907cc, 1059kg


Looks like I forgot you!


:cry: :cry: :cry:


Can you please resubmit your 1964 car?
I ll handle that today.


Pronto mate. (as in I can resubmit it pronto lol)


Can we use semi slicks?
Or are we still just using sport?


Semi slicks.

I will do the rest today, promised.

Had a tough weekend. My beloved Audi is now a wreck and ready for the scrapyard. After countless years and hundred-thousands of kilometers the engine blew up…
Feels like loosing my best friend.


Vorsprung durch Ripnik


Quite literally vorsprung :joy:

I shouldn’t be laughing.

@CMT don’t worry, you’ll always find new love


After a relatively long distance and a comfortable Autobahn speed, it made a very loud and heavy BANG, it lost speed and there was a giant blue cloud of smoke.
This is not the kind of good-bye that you want…

At least I am not in trouble doing my work, because for that I use an E-Class or my spare car, a Fiesta, if I have to drive in narrow cities for appointments.


I should probably use those then
uh, I’m going to make another revision


Wow, that’s really, really sad. :cry:
I’m sorry for your lost.


It’s not turbocharged is it?


I lost a B5 to mechanical issues too. Is the car really done for? If so, :cry:


@CMT You alive?


I’ve tried to pm him to offer my services to run the cars, but he didn’t answer. :confused:


I really like this competition and hoped that it will continue. Maybe we could set the new reglement or use the old again with some additions and set a deadline. And hope that he comes back in this time. If not we can share the needed work. Some could race 3 races and oen other can write the stories. I’am not the best writer in english but i would do some races.


We automationeers really don’t like the idea of hijacking someone elses challenge like that. The idea has been floated before and was shot down with pretty quickly


I was hoping he came back so I could propose to do the runs and the math to him and he just write the “race report”. But I think that something must have happened, I don’t think he will be back anytime soon.