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Attention Designers! BidTek needs your help! (Designer Competition) (Cancelled)


BidTek Industries is a car manufacturing plant based in The Oonited Stats of ‘Murica. We previously had a contract with another car designer (whom will not be named) to provide us with a blueprint of a utility pickup truck with towing and fuel economy in mind. However, the Company filed for bankruptcy and has left us with an incomplete design. In order to save money and utilize time already spent, we would like YOU to finish the Company’s design. We were left with an empty shell of a truck, suspension, and an engine block. It will be up to you to design the truck and engine (apart from the block). We will build a prototype of all submitted designs (one design per company) and the prototypes will be judged by the top car TV show in The Oonited Stats and Brittoan: ‘Low Gear’. The top prototype will land a 10 year contract with BidTek industries and will be on the cover of the magazine ‘TransmissionTrend’.


  • Base blueprint (car file) is to be downloaded and imported from OP and modified

  • Suspension, chassis, frame, body style, model & trim year for body, model & trim year for engine,
    engine block material, and engine block size (bore and stroke) / variant NOT to be modified (you
    are free to use whatever heads and head material you see fit).

  • If mods are used, the link is to be sent when submitting your blueprint

  • Engine ET not to exceed 44

  • Trim ET not to exceed 28

  • Full trim (including engine) PU not to exceed 125

  • Total price not to exceed 20,000 at 0%

  • Top speed must be at least 85mph or 126kph

  • Absolutely NO racing parts

  • Fuel injection must be used

             Body and Engine Model:
             BidTek - [username]
             Body and Engine Trim:
             Name Freely

Stats graded are as follows:

Priority 1:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Towing Capacity
  • Driveability
  • Safety

Priority 2:

  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Reliability
  • Service Cost

Priority 3:

  • Smoothness
  • Throttle Response
  • Loudness
  • Offroad

Entries will be accepted once rules are deemed fair and finalized.

Car to be modified: BidTek - [YOURNAME] - Trim 1.car (9.5 KB)


—DEADLINE IS 08/19/18—


I have cancelled this challenge due to lack of interest.


well bugger… I had just finalized my design…