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Auto China 2018 (Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2018)


Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2018

Maine Motors confirms attendance along with an announcement: the Convict full ladder frame pickup will finally be axed for a semi monocoque design to be revealed prior to the show and shown in their stand too.


Gavin Anderson will most certainly be in attendance


Montes Cars confirms attendance, with a new wonderful model! (Not redefining luxury that time).


World presentation of the new Montes T60.



If that thing drives and feels as good as it looks, it could shake up whichever segment it competes in!


AL Autos


We will be in attendance and we’re quite excited to show you what we’ve done.


We have posted a release schedule for our newly established lineup. This can be found here -->forum post

Now for the teaser

Coming to the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2018


Time to get serious.

April 20th.


Chángzhēng Wōdāo


Coming soon


It drives and it feels nice!



HMC Presents


PMI was planning to introduce the second version of the Puma Concept light sports car, but metaphysical - possibly of ancient Chinese spiritual origin - occurences(1) and a surprise fire in the hangar where the only prototype was stored(2) have made this impossible.



Why do these fixtures change after loading the car back or loading into the photo-environments!?

(2) I pressed delete by accident at an inopportune moment…


And now, for something completely different.

Coming soon.







More Soon



A new spotlight?