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Auto Corporation of America | ACA, ACA Light Truck Division, Montpelier Luxury Motor Division & Auto Corporation of Australia| Time to redo lore all over again


Auto Corporation of America

EST. 1932

Keeping America Moving

Car Company Directory
Merciel Groupe | Merciel S.A, Montreuil S.A & Nohda Giken Kōgyō KK |


I have to say, it’s such a good looking car with unique underpinnings and a great story behind it. Love it :ok_hand:


A muscle car that actually turns?


The style has carried over really well in EU4. Back looks really good now.


If ever I needed proof that the Chevalier was worth remaking in the UE4 release, this is it. It looks even better than it did previously!


Erin Motor Company

Well since UE4 is now more playable, Ive decided to completely overhaul OAM lore to the point that anything before this post (except the OP) is no longer canon.


Very nice car - the coolest thing about it is the movie poster, though.


The Chevalier now looks a lot better… I reckon it would be a real rival to the Maine Imperator on looks alone!



Several quick Photoshops later…

Extra Images

As for the original screenshots,

Original Screenshots


Really like that one - has a nice, planted stance to it without looking silly aggressive.


This is very sexy. Love the period correctness


Great designs, loved the attention to the details.


A late Christmas Present from ACA: 2018 ACA Chevalier II

More info to come at NAIAS 2018. See ya there :wink:


The rear lights are just… BOOOSH! Instant boner.


I know what this might be…and I’ll say it’s looking just as sexy as it should :wink: really neat looking coupé!


That thing reminds me of an SRT Viper for some reason, side pipes and all. And I would expect a convertible version of it as well!