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Auto Shanghai 2019


Cardinal Skyline GT-R Refresh
Now coming back with 723 horsepower from the former’s 710 horsepower
New refreshes are:

  1. 723 horsepower, 510 pound-feet of torque from the same RB28-based powerplant.
  2. Top Speed is increased by 10 km/h, to now’s 375 km/h.
  3. Acceleration remained 0-62 MPH in 2.9 seconds, however in 1/4 mile it improves to 10.8 seconds rather than 11 seconds flat.
  4. Axing out the HUD system, thus reducing price and increasing the vehicle’s performance and the profit aspect as well.
  5. The price is now at $170000 USD, $225000 CAD, €150000 EUR, ¥1250000 RMB, $2500000 HKD and ¥20000000 JPY.
  6. Becoming the world’s fastest 4-door, 5-seater car, surpassing Brabus and G-Power.

Source: https://fastestlaps.com/lists/top-fastest-four-door-saloons

For more information, visit the Cardinal Tuning GmbH Post in the Discourse




Hallo, Welcome to a Unique Presentation by Ghost Squadron at Shanghai. It’s a few weeks to the show, but we are here online, to present our company to not only interested investors, but globally to the world.

We are a small automotive outfit from Norway, and we are here to announce we are looking for investment in our first production Hypercar.


The Athena is the culmination of everything the company has worked towards since we came together as a collective in 2010. Featuring an Aluminium Semi-Spaceframe Chassis with intergrated Carbon Fibre panels, and a 4.5L V16 sitting at the core, the Athena is Everything this Company has dreamed of, and we hope we find a group to help fund our project.

Takk, og ha det bra.


Auto Shanghai Pre-Show Coverage

Hello, and this is Abdullah Muhammad not me too from Drivers.com, and we’re now live in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Auto Shanghai may not as large or flamboyant as New York’s other car show, but there’s a ton of new cars to show there! And as usual we are going to there to cover what’s new and what’s hot on this motor show, and see what everything the Land of the Dragon can do. So, why are you waiting for? Let’s begin!


(DISCLAIMER: Most of the highlights can be seen on our NYIAS pre-show coverage by Carol Lee, so we mostly cover some exclusive news from this show. NYIAS coverage here)

Blaire Automotive have just teased the new Albatross on NYC, as reported by Carol Lee, but now Blaire just announced the next Soccar here in Shanghai. I just wish I don’t mispronounce the car as Soccer.

(Kaul has the 266 teased on NYC beforehand, and now they also plan to launch the same car in Shanghai. I’ll skip it for now.)

Again, AL Autos has planned all the launches that is going to New York to Shanghai, and I can’t say about the looks. Oh well, at least there’s nothing bad about the rear of the other SUV they posted.

Ukko has released their new GTR Championship car, the GTR-1. With very big lights of course.

Gremlin’s latest Hawaii SUV claims to make Jeep a side story. And it seems that it’s going to fail a big time since every consumer will rather have the real deal.

Yeah, it’s expected for a Chinese ad to show on the car show for some reason. Well, it says that Huangdou is launching 3 new cars to the show, i.e. New World, CC and a electric car named PA.

(sidenote (from F12OM a.k.a. myself): I do know Chinese, but there’s like 5-6 billion people in this world doesn’t know about the language, so next time please make an English translation for similar ads)

Saminda plans to release an electric vehicle for the show, and it’s named as the Huali NGEV, something that wouldn’t see any chance of exporting.

(Carol (from NYIAS) has done the news for the Ursula’s new car release, so I’ll skip it for the time being)

Cardinal has launched another Skyline tribute known as the Skyline 2020 with a high price…and a measly 13 hp increase. Really, what?

Finally, meet Norwegian automaker Ghost Squadron’s newest car Athena. Ugh, The looks are deceiving me. Although it has an impressive tools to conquer.

And that’s it for all the things happened on the motor show held in China’s largest city. Want more news? Drivers.com has more reports on NYIAS, and stay tuned for the official report, and reveals for this year’s Auto Shanghai!

敬请关注! (“Stay tuned!” in Chinese, BTW)

Drivers.com - The Internet's Auto Guide

[Just late for Drivers.com’s coverage… Damn]

Raymond xOx3


Based on the regular Ox3 platform, the xOx3 encompasses a new driving dynamic found only in Raymond’s latest offering. The rugged yet agile and comfortable liftback design ensures for maximum driver satisfaction behind the wheel- whether that be with quarreling siblings in the back or not.

A new four-wheel-drive system is the main point of buzz around the xOx3- pricing has not yet been announced but journalists believe that it will be around the £20,000 mark.


2019 Jefferson Magnate

Reviving American’s luxury from the dead, one car at a time.




Ursula AG Official Press Event @ Auto Shanghai

SHANGHAI: Ursula AG has officially announced the company’s latest vehicle, i.e the all-new Ursula FX1 compact crossover in the company’s first official event in Shanghai this year. The Ursula FX1 is the company’s smallest SUV ever made, and it also introduces new technologies to enhance the driving experience while retains Ursula’s core values of building top-notch premium cars.


The all-new Ursula FX1: Do whatever you want.

The FX1 crossover is Ursula’s smallest crossover offering. Based from the advanced Ursula Advanced Modular Platform (UAMP), the FX1 boasts top-notch safety, sportiness, fuel efficiency and performance, yet being 30% lighter than similar vehicles thanks to the use of high-strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber parts.

Outside, the car feels like it’s from the future, thanks to the extensive use of Fluid Design. With the new body the FX1 has a Cd value of 0.24, making the car much aerodynamic than it’s competitors.

Under the car the FX1 uses double wishbone front/multi-link rear suspension like most sports cars do, and it helps the car to have excellent handling and driveability. With an AWD system and an electric LSD as standard, the FX1 is also wonderful car to drive in every terrain and condition.

The 1.5 liter L3, currently the only petrol power plant at launch, uses Ursula’s TXi technology to help the car generate as much power as similar-sized L4s while generating less emissions and saves more fuel in the process.

Also, an electric motor variant is available at the same time as it’s petrol counterpart. The all-new electric power plant gives the FX1 a throaty 140 PS of power and 220 Nm from the start, and it’s 300 km range can make every trip easier. The use of SmartCharge technology helps the car to charge it’s battery from zero to 80% in just 45 minutes.

definitely not a shitty edit of an Audi Q2 interior

Inside the car you’ll find every amenities specially tailored for the drivers and passengers in mind. The all-leather seats, smart air conditioning and Ursula Drive Modes helps the driver to experience the best of Ursula even in a small package. The all-new Ursula Guide voice assistant now comes standard on all FX1 models, as well as the 6th gen Ursula Command Center powered by AMD Ryzen technology is also the major features that is available only on this car, compared to the competition.

The FX1 is small, but it’s also designed to be as safe as possible. With DriveSafe Plus technology the FX1 can automatically adapt for the highest safety in every road condition. External airbags are also standard kit in the car, allowing for more passenger and pedestrian safety.

Tired of driving? The advanced AI-based Smart Drive Assist that premieres on the F7 sedan is also available on the FX1 as an optional kit. This technology allows the car to have up to Level 4 automation, allowing the car to react to most road conditions by itself.


Models FX1 150T FX1 eMotion
Powerplant L3, DOHC 12V, Turbocharged Synchronous AC Permanent Magnet Motor
Fuel 95 RON (Regular) -
Battery - Lithium Ion
Capacity 1500 CC 45 kWh
Power 143 PS (105 kW) @ 5400 RPM 140 PS
Torque 218 Nm @ 2900 RPM 220 Nm
Top Speed 220 km/h (limited) 200 km/h (limited)
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 9.3 seconds 9.1 seconds
Range - 300 km
Transmission 7-speed DSG Single-speed
Weight 1584 kg 1620 kg
Starting Price €33,500 (DE), £26,220 (UK), $34,000 (US), ¥418,000 (JP) , RMB 295,000 (CN) TBA
Availability Worldwide Europe, USA and Japan only
Launch Date Q4 2019 (Europe) Q4 2019 (Europe)

In Q1 2020, a larger 2.0 L4 turbo petrol and a 1.8 L4 turbo diesel variant will be launched too.

The all-new FX1 will be shown in both Auto Shanghai and New York Auto Show this year.

Something is Coming

Brooklands GT-X Roadster Miglia Auto Shanghai

2.5 seconds to 100km/h

Tom Shawe, Brooklands Media Spokesperson
Developed at the world famous Brooklands Motor Manufacturing Centre in South London, the GT-X is the crowning achievement of road and race technology meshed together into one, glorious machine. Using lessons learned from over 70 years of heritage, this magnificent piece of British engineering combines excellent road holding with mind melting acceleration whilst still being a comfortable long distance cruiser. The Roadster Miglia name harkens back to the humble beginnings under Edward Hampden, a legendary driver who set about winning the legendary Mille Miglia in his home-built sports car. Today, Brooklands employs over 200 people across its 3 facilities, with a dedicated 12 man team working hard to produce our newest road car.

The GT-X will go on sale in China in autumn, with pre-orders opening during the Public opening of Auto Shanghai 2019. Initial manufacturing numbers indicate an estimated 120 cars a year, with over 60 orders already in line across Europe.

1951 Brooklands Roadster Miglia (A212)

9.6 seconds to 100km/h

Johnny Hoggard, British Historic Racing Championship driver
It’s with great pleasure I bring Brooklands chassis no.1 to the wonderful city of Shanghai as the company once again embarks on a crusade with its newest addition. This car won the 1952 Mille Miglia and came third in the Targa Florio that year. It was an excellent car to drive and still remains a beautiful thing to behold. I fully expect this will capture the imagination of all those that lay their eyes upon it


I hope copying my post in another auto show thread is ok.

2019 De Vass Roamer - Downsizing is blasphemy

PX 5.0 - The affordable premium full size sedan

  • Extensive handling testing and suspension tuning
  • Responsive steering.
  • Suburb handling, it doesn’t even feel like you’re driving a full size sedan.
  • 169 MPH top speed.
  • 298HP 5.0L V8.
  • Price is ONLY $29 016.

LX 6.5 - Luxury motoring isn’t only a rich man’s privilege

  • Luxurious 4 seat interior.
  • Top of the line infotainment system (luxury).
  • 6.5L 422HP V8.
  • 192 MPH top speed.
  • Active comfort suspension.
  • Price is ONLY $43 549!

The PPV (Patrol and Pursuit Vehicle) - an officer’s dream, a criminal’s nightmare

  • High degree of officer comfort.
  • Extensive work and tuning of the suspension.
  • Heavily reinforced suspension, clears curbs at over 60 MPH with no suspension damage.
  • Extensive handling testing.
  • Stays on the tail of fast sports cars (in BeamNG).
  • Heavily reinforced front end for repeated PIT maneuvers & tactical contact.
  • 374HP 5.0L V8.
  • 0-60 in 5.82 seconds.
  • Top speed 178 MPH
  • 3474 lbs of carrying capacity.
  • Can tow 3271 lbs (towing package option available).


广州黄豆新闻发布会 - 世界

Huangdou Shijie x Show Luo Advertisement

黄豆的世界在2020年回归,具有更新的造型和EV版本。(The Huangdou Shijie returns in the 2020 year, with refreshed styling and a new EV version.)


The Shijie has been refreshed with newer, more high-tech styling, giving the compact sedan a less aggressive and more elegant stance from the previous generation. Multi-LED intelligent headlights help keep the road and pedestrians lit up without blinding oncoming traffic. The taillight strip on the rear is a new addition towards the Shijie, providing a more premium look regardless of trim. 17-inch alloys wrap the wheels on the higher trims, with an 18-inch option offered.


Definitely not a Roewe Interior

Like other Huangdou models, the Huangdou Assistant is standard on the Au trim, and can be optioned into every other trim. A new vertical LCD screen replaces the old tablet-like system, while all gauges are now digital. The Huangdou ForceField system is standard on Au and Ag trims, providing lane-keep assist and blind-spot monitoring standard on all trims. Forward collision warning and braking, active cruise control, dooring alert, and rear cross-traffic alert are available as a ForceField+ package.

Sport & SportX

The liveliness of the Huangdou Sport badge is never neglected with the Shijie. The new Sport’s power output has been upped to 262 horsepower out of a 2.0L inline-4. This allows the Sport to hit 60 mph in 5.7 seconds and corner at around 1.12g.

The SportX takes this a step further, replacing the 2.0L engine with a 3.0L V6 making 404 horsepower. An extra 0.01g can be pulled, while the 0-60 time is shaved down to only 4 seconds.


Like the CC Allure and Baolei, an eV trim is offered on the Shijie to pander to the booming Chinese electric market. AWD is standard thanks to the dual motors, which push the eV to 60 km/h in 5.5 seconds. The eV can be optioned up towards the top-line Au trim, which will place it around the $40 000s.

Pricing & Performance

Cu: $15070 (7.6万RMB) | Engine: 1.6L turbo inline-4 | Horsepower: 180 | Eco: 50.7 mpg
Ag: $21420 (10.8万RMB)| Engine: 1.6L turbo inline-4 | Horsepower: 180 | Eco: 44.6 mpg
Au: $31950 (16.1万RMB)| Engine: 1.6L turbo inline-4 | Horsepower: 180 | Eco: 40.5 mpg
Sport: $22395 (11.3万RMB)(base) | Engine: 2.0L turbo inline-4 | Horsepower: 262 | Eco: 35.8 mpg | 0-60: 5.7 s | Skidpad: 1.12g
SportX: $37030 (18.6万RMB)(base) | Engine: 3.0L twin turbo V6 | Horsepower: 404 | Eco: 28.0 mpg | 0-60: 4.0 s | Skidpad: 1.13g
eV: $39130 (19.7万RMB)(base) | Engine: More Electric Shit | Horsepower: est. 405 | Eco: TBA | 0-60: 5.5 s | Skidpad: 1.01g


Cu Gallery

Ag Gallery

Au Gallery

Sport Gallery

SportX Gallery

eV Gallery


AL Autos at Auto Shanghai 2019 (1/2)

Hello one and all! Welcome to the AL Autos booth here at Auto Shanghai 2019 in Shanghai China! With us today, we have 2 cars to present to the public for the next few days. For today, we have a mid-sized sedan which aims to please!

The AL Autos Auriga: Practicality and comfort in one package!

RGXLE2 shown in AL Midnight Purple

AL Autos has been working on making a car which is affordable mid-sized sedan for a while now. After some substantial testing, we’re ready to present this to the public! The Auriga was born out of our mission to make affordable comfortable vehicles which are practical, reliable, safe, and pleasing to look at. All Auriga trims come with AL Comfort Suspension setups with our pothole detection technology as standard. This allows for a subtle ride and, with our pothole detection technology, the occupants are protected from discomfort and the wheels are protected from mis-alignment. The Auriga, as of now, comes with a choice of two powertrains: a 2.0 L Turbocharged 4-Cylidner producing 252 BHP, 191.8 lb-ft torque all while attaining approximately 30 MPG depending on trim, and a 2.5 L Turbo I5 producing 300 BHP, 237.5 lb-ft Torque, and attaining approximately 28 MPG depending on trim. All these goodies are wrapped in a handsomely crafted body with some new design elements.

RGLE2 show in AL Dark Blue

The Auriga currently has 2 interior trims which welcome the occupants with amazing comfort and support. The RGLE and RGLE2 come with ALStandard Comfort adjustable cloth seats with the driver’s being automatic and the passenger’s being manual. The RGXLE and RGXLE2 come with ALStandard Comfort multipoint adjustable leather seats. Both provide wonderful support and comfort. The RGXLE and RGXLE2 trims come with a 10” infotainment screen loaded with the newly revamped ALAutos-Infotainment system. Safety is also a top priority on the Auriga. The Auriga comes with our comprehensive safety suite, ALSafeShield, as standard on all trim levels. The Auriga aims to please with great practicality, handsome styling, and unwavering reliability all wrapped up in a handsome body.

RGXLE shown in AL Crimson Red
Prices for the Auriga are as follows (Prices include a 20% Markup):
RGLE: $25, 822
RGXLE: $29,651
RGLE2: $33,599
RGXLE2: $37,468

Want to see more?

An in-depth spec sheet will be posted on our official website soon!

That’s all for now! Thank you for joining us here at Auto Shanghai 2019! Coming up soon here at the AL Autos booth: a wonderful peppy hatchback! Have a good day!


Blessed Greats should come upon you


The 2020 8th Generation Tanaka Aventus, EV Version is Here…

We are contributing for a better future, period.

Tanaka Aventus EV shown

When it comes to China, the Chinese government have been a huge supporter of electric vehicles. The world getting more polluted and getting warmer. We are here to save the world. We are introducing the EV line. We start with the Aventus EV, a full-size electric luxury car. We implemented the EV technology and put it into the Aventus.

Tanaka Aventus EV shown

The Aventus EV is powered by a 90kWh battery and has a range of 295 miles. The Aventus EV weighs 2563kg. To differentiate the Aventus EV from the normal Aventus, there are blue details, new 19-inch rims, a fully-clad undertray to reduce drag, regenerative braking, a body-coloured grille divider and EV lettering.

Tanaka Aventus EV lettering

The Aventus EV will have a base price of $56503 before mark-ups. The Aventus EV will be expected to enter the Chinese market first at late August this year, the Japanese market next at late September this year, and the rest of the world later at the middle of December this year. We hope that with the demand for electric vehicles are rising especially in China, the Tanaka Aventus EV will be an appealing car to the market.


谢谢!Thank you for visiting our booth. More of the EV-line will be coming soon!

Tanaka Heavy Industries (田中重工業) | OLD VERSION!

Huali NGEV will be the brand first electric vehicle

Huali presented its first electric model for the Chinese market at the Shanghai Auto Show. The compact SUV called NGEV is based on the Saminda CR1.

The Huali NGEV electric motor delivers 110 kW and a 59-kWh battery pack provides a range of up to 350 km with Saminda and joint venture partner GUZ (Guangzhou Motors) handling local production. The price will be 158,800 yuan making it one of the cheapest electric vehicle in China.

Currently, the Saminda Huali NGEV is limited to the Chinese market only.

However, there’s a possibility that Saminda might bring it to India. While there is no confirmation about the NGEV India launch, what we do know is that Saminda is planning to launch the Huali brand in India as it budget counterpart.


广州黄豆新闻发布会 - PA!

No ad because I got lazy.

Huangdou joins the subcompact EV race with the PA!, to compete with the likes of the 宝骏 E100, 知豆D2 and 小蚂蚁eQ1.


The PA!, named after the sound of a lightning strike, plans to take the EV market by storm. The aluminum semi space frame construction sheds weight off the vehicle, allowing it to have a sense of liveliness when throwing it around corners. Double Wishbone/Multilink geometry makes the PA! both comfortable and exciting, despite its large battery.

PA! Sport

A Sport model is also included, providing an AWD system which allows the PA! to hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Wider tires allow the PA! to corner at around 1.13g at lower speeds, and 1.17g higher up in the range.


Cu: $16500 (8.3万RMB)
Au: $32800 (16.5万RMB)
Sport: $35000 (17.6万RMB)


Cu Gallery

Au Gallery

Sport Gallery


Faqqink at Shanghai 2019

This year we want to show you the new greats Faqqink will have on offer for you in the next months.
So please seat down and enjoy the show

Faqqink ZS19

For the onest vehicle in our 2019 lineup we bless you with the ZS19.
The Supersport car for everybody

Inside the new materials will comfort you with blessed greats and support you when you are obeying traffic laws. Also new radio is better than radio of last year.

The engine is a 2.0L In row 4 and produces mighty 131.5hp! Enough to bring you to speed limit in only a couple of seconds.

With the ZS19, one can challenge the road and not lose to a fight until a offical says so. Expect the 2019 models to hit showroom floors for 7000$ soon.

Faqqink SZS19

For the lovers of the Chinas sun we also introduce the SZS19. A 2 seater Front engine, front wheel drive, convertable. The unique 2.0L engine is generating 105hp, which is plentyful to drive through our great cities.
The car will be released soon for a price of 7.000$

Faqqink ME19

Make the business less common

Perfect power
Under the hood lies the award-winning* Q30 4L V8 engine, straight out of the heart of us.
Custom retuned for the ME19, the V8 configuration is optimal for comfort oriented executive sallons, affording excellent smoothness rivaling much more expensive engines without the price penalty. Along with class-leading* efficience, this means you can rest easy and comfortable in the Faqqink ME19 knowing you will arrive early to your appointments.

If the masterfully crafted engine still isnt enough, the driving dynamics of the ME19 will definitly ensure you shall arrive on time. Along with the power bestowed upon the ME19, the upgraded suspension system has been tuned to provide excellent comfort and handling to match. Therefore, the Faqqink ME19 is as comfortable waving through tight roads as it is on the open highways. Your chauffeur will either feel very blessed to drive the ME19, or very upset for you have elcted to drive yourself from now on.

Newly intoduced in the ME19 is the advanced FaqqinkDrove+Ultra package.
FaqqinkDrove+Ultra introduces advanced infotainment and safety features like AUX, CD and ABS.

Available at 11000$.

Thank you for attenting this year of Faqqink blessings. The press is free to to drive any vehicle they like.

Thank you do these people for their blessings!

Okay for people who dont get the joke should check out these:

Auto China 2018 (Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2018)
2018 Antiyita International Motor Show
2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed
CSR 93 - Securing the company (car)

Thanks to @Grandea @MrChips and @Ezdmn for allowing me to do this.
Cant wait for next year :stuck_out_tongue:

Brooklands Roadster Miglia GT-X

As Brooklands prepares itself for the upcoming public event, the Roadster Miglia arrives at its’ stand, showing the beautifully crafted curves of this 1100 horsepower monster.

The car represents the absolute pinacle of Brooklands engineering prowess. Throughout history the company has developed a menagerie of road and race cars, ranging from the lightweight and agile 900S to the raucous and wild GB9 Typhoon. Only the highest quality carbon fibre is used in the construction of the monocoque chassis and panels, whilst electronics specialists Aida provide the best in car infotainment system money can buy. Système Global and Brooklands worked in co-operation to design a wholely new braking system specifically for the GT-X.

The GT-X will go on sale in September for ¥1,350,000 (CNY) in partnership with Bramhall Motor Corporation dealerships. Pre-orders will be avilable from 18th April. Contact information will be distributed to interested buyers at the Brooklands Motorsport stand during the public display.


Faqqink mikon! Love it! :joy:


AL Autos at Auto Shanghai 2019 (2/2)


Hello one and all! Welcome to the AL Autos booth here at Auto Shanghai 2019! With us today, we have the 2nd car to present to the public during Auto Shanghai 2019. For today, we have a small peppy little hatchback with lots of character!

The AL Autos Piperis: Small Car, Big Personality

RGS shown in AL Sky Blue

We here at AL Autos are continuing with our mission to make affordable cars which are practical, fun to drive, yet also striking to look at and reliable. After substantial testing, we’re ready to present this fun little hatchback! The challenges we faced with the development for this car was maximizing the little amount of space the sub-compact body gives us. After quite a bit of work, we’ve done it. For starters, the Piperis comes with a more compact interatoin of our AL Comfort Suspension Setups, using a MacPherson Strut Front / Torsion Beam Rear suspension system which has the option of implementing our pothole detection technology. With or without the pothole detection system, the Piperis strives to provide a subtle ride no matter what. The Piperis comes with a choice of 2 engines: a 1.5 L Turbocharged 4-cylinder producing 174.4 BHP, 142.8 lb-ft Torque, and gets approximately 38-40 MPG (available on the RGLE and RGXLE), and a 1.7 L Turbocharged 4-cylidner producing 218.3 BHP, 171.2 lb-ft Torque, and gets approximately 36 MPG. The Piperis is the embodiment of practicality in a small city car.

RGXLE shown in AL Dark Blue

The Piperis currently has 3 interior trims which provide astonishing comfort and support and come in a variety of color combinations which each provide a different feel to the interior. The RGLE comes with our ALStandard Comfort manually adjustable cloth seats. The RGXLE comes with our ALStandard Comfort adjustable lightweight leather seats. The RGS comes with lightened ALA RoadSport Bucket Seats. No matter which trim you get, the Piperis will provide support and comfort. The RGXLE and RGS trims come standard with a 8” infotainment screens loaded with our newly revamped ALAutos-Infotainment system. The Piperis also comes with our comprehensive safety shield, ALSafeShield as standard. No matter where you look, the results of hard work and development can be seen from anywhere in the Piperis.

RGLE shown in AL Grey

Prices for the (Model) are as follows (Prices include a 20% Markup):
RGLE: $18,380
RGXLE: $19,859
RGS: $21,597

Want to see more?

An in-depth spec sheet will be posted on our official website soon!

That’s all for now! Thank you for joining us here at Auto Shanghai 2019! Have a good day and enjoy the rest of the show!


Thank you everyone for your participation in this event. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next event will be the Goodwood Festival of Speed, on July 4th.

Please do not unveil any more cars.


July 4th!? Nani!?