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Automation 10K Classic Car Auction and Rally (A10KCCAR) (or 10KCAR) [cancelled]



well with no answer i’m just going to post mine here anyway now


Oh yeah, you can post your cars go ahead.


Hey folks, this is Daniel Schidt, from the SchidtBox Racing YouTube Channel. First of I want to say today’s video has been sponsored by Raycon, please use my code SCHIDT to get great deals on Racon headsets; I can tell you I use these every day and I love them and can’t recommend them enough, reminder that’s code SCHIDT to get your discount.

Now without further ado, I’ve been telling you my lovely viewers that I was going to start a new project on a budget, and I’ve found a beautiful Japanese classic in need of some serious TLC.

That’s right folks, it’s a Seikatsu MR220 Twin Cam! And this one… Well it’s seen some better days. But I’ve got wild plans with this one, so I’m more than happy to get this tattered example for cheap rather than tear apart one that’s in nice shape.

I can’t wait to show you guys what I have in store for this car, be sure to like, subcribe and hit that bell notification so you don’t miss a single video.

What’s up YouTube, Daniel Schidt, SchidtBox Racing, and I’m gonna jump straight into this one. Project SchidtBox Seikatsu has seen some SERIOUS CHANGES since we picked it up just a few weeks ago, and some EXCITING NEWS for it’s immediate

I told you guys I had some crazy plans for this thing and the first thing is easy to spot: We’ve got this absolutely INSANE wide body kit primered and installed, and some of the surface rust has been patched an primered as well. No paint yet but the whole car is gonna be re-sprayed eventually, and then the over-fenders will go on, really completing the look. But all of that we will handle that at a later date because…

What we are taking care of first and foremost is getting this thing roadworthy, because as it turns out there is a classic car rally coming up that Schidtbox Racing has been invited to compete in. And honestly, I’m a little nervous about how this thing will turn out. The suspension is pretty shot, the shocks especially, and while a full coilover setup is on it’s way, in the meantime we’re just installing cheap-o lowering springs. The engine is bit of a concern as well; it’s on it’s last legs and we’ll likely be swapping something else in after the rally, but for now we gave it a bit of a tune-up, a pair of Weber carbs, racing header, and a straight pipe, but I worry that it’s going to give us some trouble. On the bright side, we can fit some very big meats on these deep dish steel wheels under the new widebody, and upgraded brakes have this thing stopping on a dime.

Watch this space viewers, this should be a lot of fun. I have a feeling this car is gonna turn a lot of heads at the rally, and not for the right reasons.


Currently awaiting cars from;

#5 @CriticalSet9849
#11 @chiefzach2018
#34 @mart1n2005
#58 @Petakabras
#89 @jameseydude
#106 @DukeOFhazards

You have until 23:59 PST to submit your cars. Please double check all regulations before sending. Thanks you


Hi, sorry. I didn’t realise I hadn’t submitted my car. I won’t be able to submit it as I’m currently on holiday. Is it possible to just run it as stock because of this?


An extension might be in order with half the field still to submit, I won’t be able to make the deadline at this point


I’m gonna join these others here and say I thought I had actually sent it, and since it’s 05.02 right now and I’m off to work now I won’t be able to make the deadline


5 hours of crying on the toilet later

Deadline extended to August 18th

Hopefully no more extensions after this. If you can’t submit by that time then, sorry I guess…


As much as I hate to say it, I’ll keep it simple and cut straight to the point.

A10KCCAR will be cancelled.

I think I’ve dragged this challenge on long enough, and I’ve honestly become incredibly demotivated to host it now. School for me starts in a few days which means I probably wouldn’t even be able to.
This challenge was supposed to happen way earlier, and end quicker, but I guess a lack of proper experience with something like this killed it.

Will I try to host another A10KCCAR? Probably not, the idea was pretty flawed already.

Will I host a different, smaller challenge to make up? Probably.

Sorry everyone. Show’s over. I humbly request an admin or moderator to lock this thread now.

Thanks to everyone that helped with it, and everyone that submitted, and participated. Once again, I’m sorry.