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Automation 10K Classic Car Auction and Rally (A10KCCAR) (or 10KCAR) [Submissions and registration open!]



I have received three Reasonably Priced Cars from three anonymous (for now) individuals to be used for the scoring system. 3 auto manufacturers (so far) will be sponsoring this event, one Chinese and two Japanese.
Since there are four continent stages (Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania) in A10KCCAR, this means I’ll only need one more Reasonably Priced Car for this and we’ll be more or less set. if you’re interested, requirements are listed in post above
Final car recieved!

Cars aside, I’d like to clarify that I’ll be announcing the deadline for registration as a bidder, and the deadline for when cars that will auctioned need to be submitted when LCV4 hits stable, which is apparently very soon.

And about tracks, so far one is finished and there’s one more that I still have to test to make sure it works. The full list of tracks is in the little printable Guidebook in the OP. I’m still looking for people willing to help in making the tracks for this so if you are interested, PM me here on the forums or shoot me a message on Discord (Lily#8831).

And about the little guidebook, a lot of explanations have been moved to there so please do read that as well!


Considering how much of a shitshow the last auction was mainly due to some people being dumb how will this auction try to make sure that kinda stuff doesn’t happen?


Well, the way I see the ruleset right now with the First-price sealed-bid type auction, It’s pretty idiot-proof if you ask me.

Also, I’ll be updating the rules to allow RR coupes on a case-by-case basis and hopefully bring in some VW Bugs or the like, but if I deem your discount Porsche too Porsche-like, expect to get slapped all the way back to Stuttgart.

Edit 02:30 17/05/2020:
lmao yeah you can register as a bidder/racer now almost forgot to announce
How do you register? Read the comprehensive guidebook!



If you saw on the Discord (like a day or so now), LCV4.0 has reached stable!
And so this means that submissions for cars to be auctioned for A10KCCAR has now opened.
Submission window will be until the end of the month (PST 00:00 July 1st, 2020, will add to OP later), so you all have quite the lot of time to send something in.
Registration as a racer will last until that time as well OR if they reach the maximum amount.
A link to the guidebook is above and in the OP.

Good luck, folks!



Please don't post cars to be auctioned here yet!

Posting cars before the Auction starts would kinda spoil the fun, so if you are to submit a car, please keep things a secret and wait for the official catalogue to go live :wink:



So it seems my tactical planning has gone to shit and there wasn’t enough entries/registrations needed for this thing to actually start.
And as such, I’ll be extending the deadline by another 7 days to PST 00:00 July 8th, 2020.

yeah yeah yeah registration rules in the op yadda yadda

Thank you for your understanding.


Hang on I’m working on 2 right now lol.


Submissions Closed

I’ve recieved 11 (i thonk) cars from multiple individuals, way less than what I had planned unfortunately but hey shit happens, this thing was delayed for too long and people were probably sick of my shit by that point. But worry not! I’ll have the Auction Catalogue ready before the end of the week and this thing can finally start!

Thanks to everyone that submitted and registered!