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Automation Aero Challenge - Round Four Results Are Up!


Thing is, i think they are planning to port the current beta into the stable branch within a week or so, it’s possible that will happen anyway


So good news everyone; I’ve carefully checked the open beta and nothing has changed from the old public release. Since I will now be running the open beta, you can send your engines from either version, and it will be fine! :slight_smile:


Except for I3 engines. To be fair I have managed to make an I3 engine that would work for this challenge, but I don’t think they should be accepted this round since you have already received entries.


I’ve been using the openbeta all this time :stuck_out_tongue:


still haven’t tried open beta


Something is weird.
I can do 300 knots with 240hp while still have excellent takeof and climb and required hp is still only 74hp. Does this make sense?
EDIT: Size of my propeller is too small so braking the simulation I guess.


You will also need to watch for that propeller tip Mach speed. If your propeller is too small then your tip speed will be much too fast, as well as not being able to absorb all the power from your engine.


Just a reminder that the deadline for Round Two is a week from today!

Also, please note once again that in the original post of the challenge, fuel quality is stated as such:


By the way, what should we do if we want a lower topspeed / rpm on the engine but the capability to go higher than the “planned” topspeed? So i can set a cruise speed for my newer engines?


If I understand you correctly, to get a lower RPM on your engine you just need to lower the RPM on the engine in Automation. You set your planned top speed on the provided worksheet and @MrChips will calculate the actual top speed for the results. Your propeller dimensions and gearbox ratio will also determine propeller RPM and horsepower requirements so you can tune your speed the way you want.


Pretty much. The way the challenge works is the airplane climbs to and cruises to the highest altitude it can maintain at the desired cruise power setting. This of course means the engine is at maximum throttle and maximum RPM at that altitude.

Unfortunately this isn’t really how aircraft actually work, as they typcially cruise at a reduced RPM and throttle setting, but this introduces stuff like pumping losses into the equation, which complicates things beyond what I think we can calculate with Automation (unless @Killrob or one of the devs can clarify this for me).


Pumping losses, etc., are estimated in Automation in the economy calculations. Check the detailed stats for that, which has the cruise RPM at various speeds. Those points mark the most efficient engine setting for that required power.


By the way chips, do you think my newer engine will be competitive?


Thanks for the answer Killrob! I’m going to look into how I can use this information to my advantage, in that case.

@Pzike I haven’t had a chance to look at your latest; I won’t have a chance until at least tomorrow afternoon at this point.


OK, the deadline has passed, and I have received 9 submissions for this one - thank you all for participating! Results will up soon…





that’s my role in this forum to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:





Don’t believe the hype.



twitchy waiting