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Automation/Beam NG Rallycross challenge (submission closed)


Well, i have to admit i took it rather cautious around the track just to get a feel of the car, and gradually built speed and got this on my 3rd try around the track… i could probably get to within a sec of your time tho, but probably not as fast as you.

And as both the Prodigy and the Issa had issues around the track, one being excessively hard on the suspension and the other pretty soft, the both were out of the running after a few bad landings, having issues with steering or bad suspension or both, it wasn’t even close to intresting… i ran the Oscura, and it was damn fast and felt very planted and handled as i thought it would :smiley: It ate up the bumps and jumps without issue… i think i had one bad landing tho, that shot it into the concrete wall once, and messed up the steering completely.


Yes lol it’s not a monster truck :laughing: so there’s definitely a right and wrong speed to be taking the bumps. Even one mis-jump is enough to flick you into the wall.

If you were getting 57s on just your third try you’re honestly pretty quick. I don’t know what i was getting coz I tuned it all the way from just over a minute and that took quite a few tweaks.


Thanks for the feedback! Glad (and relieved) to see the Prodigy do as well as it did with the issues.

I’ve had a little more time to familiarise myself with BeamNG mechanics now. I’m sure there’s plenty of nuance to discover of course, but aside from a slightly softer suspension setup, the car clearly could have done with a more rear-focused power distribution and some front aero (ab)use for better turn-in.